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The abrupt exit of top leaders of Indian and global tech companies this year, with many of them citing ambiguous reasons, surprised the technology world.

L. Ashok
Director, Futurenet Technologies

Sterlite Copper was able to successfully adopt next-gen client computing facilities with hand-in-hand assistance from Chennai-based Futurenet Technologies.

JDA aims to strengthen its leadership with its new CEO.

David L. Aires, VP, Information Technology Group, and GM, Information Technology Operations, believes security to be the biggest challenge in the current IT environment.

Technologies like next-gen firewall, ATP, advanced endpoint protection, encryption are in-demand by organizations to update their security posture.

The split will help HP and its channels to become better focused towards growth opportunities around the cloud and other emerging technologies.

With 23 years of experience working in sales channels in both vendor and distributor environments, Peter comes to Kaspersky Lab with a strong commercial understanding of business.

Bryan Che
General Manager, Cloud Product Strategy, Red Hat

Bryan Che, General Manager, Cloud Product Strategy, Red Hat, accentuates the company’s hybrid cloud strategy over its competing organizations.

The software-defined storage technology will be available in software, cloud and integrated form.

Our ability to turnaround complex ERP projects in record time is what gets us customer referral, says Vinay Vohra, Founder & CEO, CorporateServe Solutions.

Cisco adds over 30 companies in a bid to expand its Intercloud network.

At the first-ever Amazon Summit in India, Vogels said that the company has relentlessly focused on cost reduction, and that’s just one of the areas of Amazon’s persistent customer focus.

Girish Khare
Marketing Director, Grass Roots India

A channel partner can do much more, if his expertise is optimally leveraged.

Channel partners expect an increased spend by Indian CIOs on newer security technologies including DLP, MDM, and WAF over the next year.

Anoop Pai Dhungat, Galaxy Office Automation Systems, says that the company with the help of its cloud BI solution, helps customers derive tangible, actionable insights.

New partner program by RSA offers enhanced flexibility to help support faster partner growth.

We are emerging as an end-to-end systems integrator, says Vinod Kumar, MD, KernelSphere Technologies.

Vijay Ramachandran
IDG Media, Editor-in-chief

It’s gravity, often with you at its center, rather than inertia, that holds your organization back.

Yogesh Gupta
executive editor, ChannelWorld

The six-movie series of Fast and Furious and the last 120 days of the global tech market have a string of common elements—they were both fast, frenzied, frantic and of course, furious.

Sharat Sinha
Vice President, APAC, Palo Alto Networks

Sharat Sinha, VP, APAC, Palo Alto Networks, on why enterprise channels are enthusiastic about the company’s compelling next-gen firewall story.

Enterprise partner organizations state the short and long term impacts of the Symantec split.

Pavan Duggal, Cyber Law Expert at the Supreme Court of India, explains why channel partners need to look beyond the IT Act 2000 as the security standards, given today’s fast-changing threat landscape, rapidly evolve.

It takes vision and persistence to stay on top of the security curve. Versatile Infosecurity has mastered that art.

DigitalTrack is keeping pace with the changes in the IT security space through DDoS and WAF solutions and is pushing security audits as part of its next move.

Under the likes of S Gopalakrishnan, Infosys has witnessed growth from a market value of Rs 28.5 crore on the day of listing in India in 1993 to Rs 2,00,000 crore.

The Internet of Things, smart machines, pervasive analytics and 3D printing are all part of Gartner's annual list.

A split would be an about-face on CEO Meg Whitman's original strategy to keep the company together.

Dell and Ingram will be reaching out to channel partners in 36 locations of North and South India each, 26 locations of the West and 19 of the east to help attain maximum coverage and scale up business.


Venkat Murthy, 22by7 Solutions: Real Value is in Solutions

Venkat Murthy, Prime Mover, 22by7 Solutions, elaborates on the need to look at a solutions approach rather than a mere hardware approach.

Rahul Agarwal, Lenovo: Profitability and Value Proposition are Vital

Rahul Agarwal, executive director, Commercial Business Segment, Lenovo India, talks about Lenovo’s renewed channel strategy and why the company is now an attractive proposition for its partners.

Vasudevan Subramanian, Managing Director, New Wave Computing, on Converged Infrastructure

Vasudevan Subramanian, Managing Director, New Wave Computing, elaborates on the nuts and bolts of the converged infrastructure story.

Edward Jeevan, Binary Systems, on the Merits of a Strong Consultancy Arm

Edward Jeevan, Director, Binary Systems, talks about the benefits of increasing business opportunities in the IT consultancy space.

Sachin Rao, Archon Consulting, on the Secrets to a Successful Startup

Sachin Rao, MD, Archon Consulting elaborates on what it takes to be a young, thriving solution provider company.

Alok Bharadwaj, Canon: Transition from Hardware Supplier to Service Provider Essential

Alok Bharadwaj, executive VP, Canon India, speaks about the emerging patterns in the tech industry and the emergence of agility and how it drives the service domain.

What Channel Partners Can Learn from a Sahara Adventurer

Steve Donahue, a desert adventurer and a best-selling author, takes experiences from this travels in the Sahara and turns them into lessons for channel partners, as they navigate the shifting sands of today's business and IT environment.

Praveen Sahai, EMC: We Help Channel Partners Improve Performance

Praveen Sahai, VP, Channels, EMC, India & SAARC, shares how EMC is helping channel partners be profitable, increase customer pipeline, and improve performance.


Unlicensed, Under-licensed Software Plagues India Security Market

Under licensing, poor inventory management and unlicensed software usage are the stumbling blocks in the steady growth of the security software industry in India, say channel partners.

Imminent EMC-VMware Split Won’t Affect Existing Relationships: Channel Partners

Splitting of EMC and VMware—if that happens—will neither affect the channel space nor their investments, say enterprise partner organizations in India.

Channel Partners will be Instrumental to Your Success

A channel partner can do much more, if his expertise is optimally leveraged.

Employees’ Satisfaction Drives Customer Satisfaction: Rajesh Bhatia, CCS Computers

Rajesh Bhatia, managing director, CCS Computers, explains why he focuses on employee satisfaction and how he ensures low attrition.

How VDA Infosolutions Did a Storage Refresh for KPIT Technologies

Its long-standing relationship with KPIT Technologies helped VDA Infosolutions bag a deal that was a win-win for both companies.

India Channel Head Jitendra Gupta Quits Juniper Networks

Jitendra Gupta has quit Juniper Networks after two-and-a-half years as the company’s India channel head.

RSA Updates its SecurWorld Partner Program

New partner program by RSA offers enhanced flexibility to help support faster partner growth.

HR Matters: Comfort Vs Complacence: Rajeev Krishnaswamy, Infobahn

Low attrition is not about complacence, but comfort and loyalty, says Rajeev Krishnaswamy, Director, Infobahn Technical Solutions.

Partner Speak: Big Data is Over-hyped in India

Enterprise channels perceive big data to be an overhyped technology, much in line with the opinion of Indian CIOs.

As a Channel Company, We Can Do Better: Check Point

For an organisation that is 100 per cent channel, Check Point has done a relatively "poor job" at it.

Tech Providers and Security Channels Struggle With Heartbleed Bug

As the Heartbleed bug continues to infect thousands of computers worldwide, it has become imperative for vendor companies and their partner ecosystems to take cyber threats seriously.

Channels to be the Long-term Driving Force for New Dell: Anil Sethi

Anil Sethi, Director and General Manager, Channels, Dell India, talks about how Dell will be engaging with the channel to position the company’s end-to-end stack.

Premier 100 Women Winners Surmount Humungous Odds

This year's edition of ChannelWorld Premier 100 Awards ceremony for enterprise channels included Anita Jain, Anuradha Makhija, Nandita Singgha, and Ratna Singh--the highest number of women winners in the Awards' six-year history.

Storage’s More Strategic Than Technical: Dynacons Systems & Solutions

Dynacons Systems & Solutions is exploring new-age storage solutions including, SDS, flash, and converged infrastructure to capitalize on the data growth across enterprises.

Taking Storage Forward: Parth Technocomm

Kolkata’s Parth Technocomm believes that helping customers migrate to advanced storage systems is the way to go.

Converged Infrastructure is the Way to Go Ahead : Alan Atkinson, Dell Storage

Alan Atkinson, VP & GM, Dell Storage, believes the company’s converged infrastructure makes a powerful story for the software-defined world.

Parag Arora is Citrix Area VP for India Subcontinent

Citrix appoints Parag Arora as its area VP to drive its business in the subcontinent.

Cash the Capital: Three Partner Organizations Plan Business Transformation

Innovative ways of looking at business growth strategy. Three partner organizations recount their experiences.

SAP Takes Steps to Simplify Pricing and Licensing

New bundles make sense, but customers need to get the fine print, one analyst says.

IT Upsurge amid India SMEs is Goldmine for Vistas Global : Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamad Al Thani

His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamad Al Thani, Chairman, Katara Investments, envisions a small-is-big philosophy to dominate the SME market in India.

I-Day Special: Independence is Building Your Own Brand

Breaking away from vendor support to build a brand and an independent customer interface tops the agenda of an increasing number of solution providers.


CorporateServe Solutions

Our ability to turnaround complex ERP projects in record time is what gets us customer referral, says Vinay Vohra, Founder & CEO, CorporateServe Solutions.

KernelSphere Technologies

We are emerging as an end-to-end systems integrator, says Vinod Kumar, MD, KernelSphere Technologies.

Uniware Systems

We constantly validate emerging technologies for first-mover advantage, says Vergis K.R., CEO, Uniware Systems.

Astek Networking & Solutions

An innovative approach helps us stay successful, says Ashish Agarwal, CEO, Astek Networking & Solutions.

CSM Technologies

Our approach is backed by innovation and simplicity, says Priyadarshi Nanu Pany, CEO, CSM Technologies.

ETSC Computers

We want to be recognized as a complete solution provider, says Kailash Gupta, Director, ETSC Computers.

Apee Eskay Enterprises

Strong in-house capabilities keep us ahead of competition, says Ashwinder Pal Singh Puri (R), Managing Director, Apee Eskay Enterprises.


ChannelWorld Survey: State of the Market 2014

Partners poll their sentiments, expectations, pain points, and challenges for the coming year.

10 Overhyped Tech Products That Crashed and Burned

The demos blew everyone away. Then reality hit.

8 Skype Job Interview Don'ts

Recruiters, Human Resources directors, executives and hiring managers are racking up more hours interviewing candidates via videoconferencing these days. As they do so, they are stumbling upon some not-so-attractive qualities in their candidates.

CEO Comebacks: For Better or for Worse?

We bring to you six global CEOs who made the idea work, or not.

Yahoo’s failed acquisitions

Yahoo has acquired Micro Blogging site Tumblr but will this acquisition also end up like Yahoo’s earlier failures? Here is a list of Yahoo’s failed acquisitions.

10 Hot or Not Tech Trends for 2013

Breakouts and busts: Here's the lowdown on this year's sizzlers and fizzlers in tech.

12 LinkedIn Mistakes IT Pros Make

LinkedIn is the go-to place for IT pros to market themselves, connect with co-workers, find former colleagues, and meet-up with like-minded folks. Take a few minutes now to make sure your profile showcases your accomplishments, and skills. Here are some common mistakes to avoid.

10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services For Your Small Business

Here are 10 Cloud Storage and Backup Services For Your Small Business

7 Tech Tools to Improve Productivity

7 tools that make mundane jobs easier and faster, leaving you with more time to invest in better things in life.

The BYOD Conundrum

A recent VMware study looks into the reasons BYOD is so important for employees and what companies that don’t have a BYOD policy are putting at stake.

15 iPhone Apps That Changed Our World

Most people feel lost without their iPhones. Can you live without these iPhone apps?

Greatest Comebacks in Tech History

The tech industry has witnessed its own of share of rebirth and renewal -- people, technologies, and companies thought to be gone forever, only to rise again. Here are the 10 greatest comebacks in tech, in descending order.

Gartner Executive Summary Survey 2014

Gartner's Annual CIO Survey highlights the trends that will drive organizational IT spend in 2014.


Driving IT to Make an Impact: IDC

IT is being increasingly viewed as something which would help drive revenue rather than just another cost line-item.

Software-Defined Infrastructure: Forrester

Firms must invest in transforming infrastructure to eradicate complex infrastructure to keep pace with business needs.

Better Safe Than Sorry: PwC

Organizations should create a culture of security that starts with commitment of top executives and cascades to all employees and third parties.

New Skills for a New Era: Gartner

A new talent strategy is required—one that is a key part of the evolving IT strategy and one that focuses on a blend of business and modern IT skills.

The Rise and Growth of Big Data: Ernst & Young

Leading organizations are reaping rich rewards on their investment in big data even as competition struggles to keep pace.


Partnering for Profitability

Atul H. Gosar, Director, Network Techlab, shares how the company’s association with EMC has provided it with a competitive edge and a wide customer base, leading to increased profitability.

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Promising Pipeline

Venkat Murthy, Prime Mover, 22by7 Solutions, shares how EMC brings in competitive edge by enabling technology, GTM and lead generation, helping 22by7 acquire new customers and retain old ones.

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Powerful Performance

Deepak Jadhav, Director, VDA Infosolutions, says initiatives by EMC around training and certification have helped the company’s staff improve its performance and enhance customer experience.

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Performance Booster

Rajiv Kumar, CEO, Proactive Data Systems, says that the solution provider’s association with EMC has helped expand its customer base and added value to existing offerings.

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Pursuit of Profitability

Santosh Agrawal, CEO, Esconet Technologies, shares insights on how the systems integrator’s association with EMC has spelled sustained success over the years.

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Non-Performance is Not an Option

Nitin Aggarwal, Director, Trifin Technologies, shares insights on how the association with EMC has helped the system integrator stand out and empowered its personnel to deliver consistent performance.

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