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Acma Computers implements Blades at Progressive Shares

By Yogesh Gupta on Mar 24, 2011
Executive Summary

The engagement began through AMC of twenty PCs at Progressive shares in 2005. After couple of quarters, the customer going for retail expansion of connecting 15 franchises across India wanted to build a server room. Purvesh Selarka, Director, Acma Computers recalls, “Progressive being a start up with constrained budgets, we deployed 8 Intel tower servers for applications, networking and low cost bandwidth solutions.” The second expansion phase in 2007 included connectivity for 150 machines at their HO and franchisees. Progressive Shares again relied on Acma Computers. The third and latest IT revamp at Progressive Shares in October 2010 seemed like a cake walk for Acma Computers.

Case File

Key Parties:
Acma Computers, Progressive Shares, Intel
Implementation Time:
2 months
Cost of Implementation:
Approx. Rs. 11 Lakh
Key Technologies:

Blade Server, Server Migration, Remote Managed Services

Post Implementation ROI:

Space Savings in Server Room, Backup of Server Setup, More Redundancy, Remote Management of 48 Franchisees / Branches.

In July 2010 when Progressive Shares, a Mumbai-based broking firm, decided to expand its operations, the firm realized that it will have to immediately overhaul its IT infrastructure. And as part that the firm brought in a dedicated executive to look after its IT infrastructure. However, for Acma Computers, Progressive’s long standing IT solutions provider, it was a lesson in rebuilding relationship in an existing client.

At that time, Progressive Shares, with operations spread across twenty five cities and about 55 franchisees, wanted to spread its operations by adding 25 franchisees and three branches at Pune, Surat and Jaipur, which meant an immediate overhaul of IT infrastructure at company’s headquarters in Mumbai. “Criticality of performance and maximum uptime become vital with increase of online users and expansion of product portfolio,” says Progressive’s Managing Director Anil Gaggar who started the company with NSE membership in 1996.

Aashish Maheshwari, HOD – RMS & IT, Progressive Shares, whose was specifically brought in to overhaul the IT infrastructure, says, “IT infrastructure of servers and related applications were two to three years old. Lack of IT staff meant that network performance including front office applications, back office applications, mail server, etc, needed a makeover.”

When Maheshwari sized up the task and discussed the requirements with Gaggar, he was directed to Acma Computers as Progressive had been purchasing IT solutions from the solution provider since 2005.

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