Bitter Struggle For A Sweet Taste

Radhika Nallayam November 16, 2010

Some extra effort around setting up a faultless PoC paid off well for Delhi-based PC Solutions

Seeing is believing can many times be an arguable perception. But, it was an important determinant for Delhi-based PC Solutions in winning a Rs 15 Lakh deal in one of the most talked-about technologies of today — desktop virtualization. The SI took hold of the deal from Perfetti Van Melle (PVM), the Indian arm of Italian confectionary company, with the help of a faultless proof of concept (PoC) that not only demonstrated that the technology works in real life, but also showed the advantages of the solution that the SI proposed.

Cutting Complexities

Perfetti Van Melle had consolidated its applications like SAP, email and SharePoint using Citrix’s application virtualization product, XenApp, in 2007 itself. PVM had different types of users, including people who do not sit in the company’s premises. There were users who were working in shifts and C&F agents (carrier and forwarding agent), who have access to SAP and other few applications. As employees began to access their application environment at the central location, the system needed more bandwidth and speed to ensure instantaneous connectivity and high performance that users had come to expect from local installation of applications. The company also wanted to have a centralized system through which all the data and users can be secured and monitored.

Besides, there were users who did not require access to multimedia tools and only required to access simple applications. So, they basically did not require a full-fledged desktop with higher memory and processing power and only needed low computing requirements. “We basically wanted to optimize the usage of our IT infrastructure. We wanted to give access to applications based on the requirement of various users. In addition, some of our machines were very old and we did not want to go for an upgrade immediately,” says Basant Kumar Chaturvedi, Head- IT, Perfetti Van Melle India.

Interestingly, PVM was an existing customer for not just Citrix, but for VMware as well. The company uses Vmware technology for server virtualization. As a result, both VMware and Citrix were naturally keen on bagging this deal. While PC Solutions represented Citrix, the customer was approached by the partners of VMware as well as Microsoft. It was thus not very easy for PC Solutions to win the deal though PVM was an existing customer for the SI.