Leon Computers introduces ScaleMP at Magna Steyr

Radhika Nallayam September 10, 2010

Complex environment, tough customer. But Leon Computers did not give up. It came up with an irresistible solution and also brought a new vendor to India.

Designing the right solution is no mean feat. One may have to go out of way and come up with the rare to win the tough race. It was thus not very easy for everyone to win a deal from Magna Steyr. This automotive engineering company had a very complex requirement that was quite tough to be fulfilled. The company wanted to set up a high-end compute facility at a very affordable price.

The single server that Magna had been using was not sufficient to run high-end calculations. “Processing speed as well as memory was a big problem for us. The time taken for high-end calculations was too high. We were exploring for a solution wherein we needed high processor speeds and scalability, at an affordable price,” says Shailesh Patil, Head - IT at Magna Steyr.

As expected, Magna was soon approached by a number of SIs, who represented various vendors like IBM, Sun, HP, and Dell. While this would have led to a fierce price war under normal circumstances, three out of the four vendors gave up the fight. The reason was indeed interesting. None of them could suggest anything other than a cluster environment to the customer, whereas the only thing that Magna didn’t want was a cluster farm! The only SI who finally came up with an alternative was Leon Computers, an HP partner, who eventually won the deal.