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ACPL Systems convinces NIIT to benefit from DLP

Perseverance, domain expertise, and a bit of help from its principal finally gave ACPL Systems a chance to implement a complex DLP solution at NIIT Technologies.

By Yogesh Gupta
Case Study Oct 15th 2010

Finally in 2010, it bagged a deal from the same customer for a complex DLP installation. The perseverance paid off but it was a tough challenge ahead because ACPL Systems had not done a DLP implementation for a software development company of the size of NIIT Technologies.

Knocking Down Doors

NIIT Technologies is a global IT solutions company targeting BFSI, logisitics, transport and other verticals. The company also provides cloud services and managed services to an industry which is very heavily regulated by compliance, says Kaushal Chaudhary, CISO, NIIT Technologies. The key need was to adhere to intellectual property rights and protection of confidential customer data and avoid any data leakage.

An existing client for Websense for web security filtering in a small module, NIIT started evaluating various DLP solutions in the technology market. After short listing Websense, they contacted the security vendor. Websense in turn introduced NIIT to ACPL Systems as an implementation partner, informs Chaudhary. “Even though NIIT was not our existing customer, we had proposed Websense to NIIT while trying to sell them DLP last year. As NIIT is a software development house we were in touch with them to look at DLP solution to enhance their security posture,” says Sukhpal Singh Sandhu, Head - Information Assurance, ACPL Systems.

ACPL have done largest deployments of DLP in Asia for Websense including large enterprises in the telecom, manufacturing and automobile industries. “Websense and ACPL Systems seemed a right combination for a complex technology like DLP. The vendor knew we were fast threading the learning curve than other solution providers in the field,” feels Bindra. Also the experience of already having done large enterprise deployments tilted the deal in our favor.

Hence, ACPL Systems got its first client in software development line, thanks to its perseverance over past seven years, a firm footing in DLP technology, and with a little bit of help from the vendor, Websense.


There were other top vendors and their SI partners in the competition. “Websense enjoyed a leadership in various surveys by leading research companies. Also this solution meant less number of devices, less management, less trouble which meant low TCO. The alerts in solution matched with our requirements and pricing was better than other DLP solutions in the market,” says Chaudhary.

The main drivers for NIIT to deploy a DLP solution were risk reduction, cost savings, compliance support, policy enforcement, data security and threat management as per Sandhu. They were looking for some solution for protecting their confidential information as they were suspecting some kind of mischief.

After couple of meetings, ACPL suggested a small POC to demonstrate and put DLP solution into their network. “After one and half weeks, we assured the customer to see security alerts such as if information is going out, what kind of information is going out and related issues,” says Sandhu. DLP has the capabilities of tracking all possible channels for security breach including email, browsing, data on pen drive, print this info, copy on network, share on IM, p2p, etc. “We got this order purely on the basis of superiority and completeness of the solution which was demonstrated to the customer during the POC,” says Sandhu.