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Verchaska Infotech Brings In IBM For Travel XP

Radhika Nallayam March 3, 2011

Covincing a customer about replacing one vendor with another is no small matter. Verchaska Infotech did just that.

Case File

Key Parties:
Verchaska Infotech, Travel XP India, IBM
Cost of Implementation:
$1 Mn
Key Challenges:

Convincing the customer about an alternative in database

Key Technologies:

Verchaska’s travel management solution-Provesio, IBM x-Series BladeCenter, DB2 for database

Key Competition:


Implementation Partner:


An ISV is one smart cookie. Everyone knows that. He, at times, has a superior role than the systems integrator itself in swinging a deal and turning it into his favor. Sometimes, he has such a firm hand on the tiller that the traditional SI who would have been in the picture for a longer period of time, will be forced to take a back seat and just take care of the integration part. The IT infrastructure implementation at Travel XP, a group company of Media WorldWide, is a classic example for this- of what an ISV can do to a typical deal that would otherwise have been carefully carved by a traditional SI. In the end, the ISV not just won a happy customer, but also kick-started a fruitful and beneficial partnership with a technology vendor like IBM.

Beginning the Journey

An ISV almost always possesses the chance of being the first to be approached by a customer as the customer need would primarily be around the software part in most cases. The story was not different in the Travel XP deal as well. The company wanted to make a loud entry into the online travel segment, by launching its travel portal, followed by a huge launch of its high definition travel channel for the India market. The entire IT infrastructure had to be built from scratch as the company had just ventured into the travel space.

Its primary requirement, quite naturally, was an ERP that is designed specifically to address the needs in the travel space. As it was hunting for the right technology solution in the travel space, Prashant Chothani, MD, Travel XP India came across the Mumbai-based ISV, Verchaska Infotech and decided to give it a try. “A travel portal requires a highly customized software as it has to talk to numerous disparate components. There were not too many options for us in the market in the first place. We even thought of developing an in-house team, but later decided not to get into that as it wasn’t our core business. We shortlisted a lot of global solution providers and that was when we came to know about Verchaska. We thought that it would make more sense to go with an Indian company as it would be able to understand our requirements in a better way. Thus we approached Verchaska and were pretty happy with the features of their product,” explains Chothani.