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R Paniker Vice President
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Founded: 1995

Head Office: Mumbai

Revenue 2008–09: Rs 65.89 Crore

Key Executives: P Bhaskara Rao, President & CEO; Harish Verma, VP; R Paniker, VP, KR Vishwamohan, VP; RVS Hayagrivam, AVP

Key Principals: Microsoft, HP, MAIA Intelligence, Vicisoft, Fluous, Sysarc Informatix

Key Technologies: Software Product Development, Software Project Works, Application Testing, Software Implementation & Maintenance, Project Management Services & ERP Solutions

Adhering to the motto, Undercommit but overperform, Mumbai-based Nelito Systems caters to the requirements of banks, financial institutions, and corporate houses. The company delivers services on the software and support front. The way the company showcases its unique selling point is in itself unique. “Our main USP is QSP — quality, service, and price. We execute domain expertise and experience in handling mega turnkey projects,” says Ramesh Paniker, Vice President, Nelito Systems.

A multi-functional IT solutions and services company, Nelito is engaged in software development, software implementation, facility management, IT consulting, project management, and professional consultancy. Customer referral is considered to be the key for the company’s success. “Our experience over the years has taught us that one satisfied customer brings along ten new customers,” reveals Paniker.

Nelito Systems has implemented banking application software in more than 6000 sites of different customers, namely nationalized banks, regional rural banks, DCCBs, cooperative banks, private banks, and foreign banks. Large support network enables us to handle multiple projects for a single client concurrently, he says.
Our best practices for the company are quality and ethics, he says. Realizing that the quality of products or services is highly influenced by the quality of processes to develop and maintain them, the company has established and followed a documented quality management system in conformance to various requirements of ISO 900:2008 and CMMI Maturity Level 3. This quality management system is reviewed continuously, he adds.
Integrity, excellence, unity, responsibility, and understanding are the core values that the company sticks to.

Highlighting the innovative practices followed by the company, he says, “The company has an effective version control mechanism to control multiple versions of software products deployed is the client’s places. It has immensely helped Nelito in reducing time and cost involved in rectifying the defect reported by the customers.” Project management process to complete implementation in distributed and multi-cultural environments within the agreed timeline is strictly followed at Nelito. The company’s employee portal SPARSH provides for two-way communication with the employees. We have built up a repository of over 10,000 reusable test cases, he says.

Nelito created an industry record of implementing Total Branch Automation software in Bank of Baroda (BOB) and its 19 regional rural banks (RRBs) in over 1,800 branches in a short span of 8 months. AThe future plans include expanding expertise in the system integration and upgrading for our software processes to CMMI Maturity Level 5.While focusing on the Indian market, we are also exploring global business opportunities, he sums up.



P Bhaskara Rao, President & CEO, Nelito Systems, reaffirms company’s thrust to imprint giant steps as a specialized system integrator for banks.

What made you realize that you need to broaden your horizons? How did you climb the value chain?
Having created over 100 clients for our software products, we realized that there was a big opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling. We therefore have diversified into system integration. Over the years, we have built a suite of banking application products, which are currently operational in over 6,000 sites of 103 banks in India. We have attained leadership position in project implementation for tier 1 and system integration services for tier 2 & 3 banks. We have implemented third-party core banking solution in over 9,200 branches of leading banks. We have a pan India presence with six regional offices and around 90 support locations. 

Being an IT solutions and services company related to software, what initiatives help you increase employee output and importantly retain your staff?
We have been targeting productivity improvement through mechanisms such as
better technical infrastructure, process improvement on continual basis, need-based training,  and skills upgradations. We also help in their motivation through empowerment and performance awards. Our attrition rate is lower than the industry average. We have been able to retain our people through maintaining organization culture of valuing and nurturing our people as vital assets and providing challenging opportunities to perform and grow. We recognize star performers through letters of appreciation.

How can you convince the client about the business benefits of the implementation without trying it yourself?
The key focus areas for company include software product development, software project works, application testing, software implementation and maintenance, project management services, professional consultancy services, and ERP solutions at our end. We follow the following practices which include trying out the solution by implementing it in-house to gain valuable insight. For instance, we have implemented ERP solution MS-Axapta, MS-CRM, and HRMS and gained confidence in implementing solution with the client. Implementing ‘Proof of Concept’ to the customer to get first hand experience
Providing Lab results has provided us good mindshare amongst enterprises.

How important is services revenue for Nelito?
It is undoubtedly a key ingredient of our company growth as we implement huge projects for large banks (with multiple branch offices). Maintenance support services offered by us are of two types viz., Annual maintenance contracts with existing clients and Third party maintenance. We support all types of hardware equipment, software and networking solutions. Many of the organizations / corporate houses in recognition of our expertise have entrusted us with the task of providing maintenance support for their equipment supplied by other vendors. We render support to more than 6,000 site offices of various clients through our support centers. Further, based on the concentration of equipment and logistic needs, we also outsource the services of our engineers at the customer premises. We have gained more than 1,500 man years experience in maintaining hardware and software systems. The professional consultancy services is a key area wherein we provide software engineers/technicians for large software houses like TCS for their projects from time to time.