Revival of Indian IT Market - The First Signs

By Yogesh Gupta on Sep 15, 2009

The direct impact of the recession on IT vendors and their partners globally, including India, is a fact well known, but a sliver of light has shone through as signs of revival appear on the horizon. After almost a year of uncertainty, the IT deployments of the enterprise seem to be on the rise again.

“There is enough and more good news from the economic point of view. Plastic, cement, and steel industries all seem to be on a roll. The auto industry too has been showing good numbers since the past few months,” affirms Vinnie Mehta, Executive Director, MAIT. With the almost single party mandate in the general elections, there is a psychological feeling of stability floating around in the environment. “The government is talking about disinvestment in public sectors with most of the fundamentals in place. All these factors make you feel comfortable and a lot more optimistic of a revival round the corner,” he adds.

The mood though, is cautious for the commodified part of the business according to Anil Nair, MD, Avaya GlobalConnect. “Current market opportunity has increased due to the mopping up of deals that were earlier stuck due to delayed decisions. Market cutbacks on non-essentials will take more time to ease out. Value selling is imperative for success,” he points out.

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