Battle Of The Blades

Jan 1st 2010
Battle Of The Blades

The Indian blade server market is hotting up with the industry giants coming up with new offerings


Santanu Ghose
Country Head, Infrastructure Software & Blades,HP

HP continues to lead the market with clear leadership positions across the server market. As per IDC’s Asia/Pacific Quarterly Server Tracker, Q3 CY2009, HP led the overall India server market with 32.48 percent market share in terms of revenue, ahead of the No 2 player by five percentage points.

In the two broad categories of x86 and non-x86 servers, HP continued to lead the market in terms of revenue. In the last one year, HP blade servers have continued to dominate the market with customers such as Religare, HDFC, and Paprikas selecting it. As per IDC, for the period Q4 CY2008 to Q3 CY2009, HP led the India blade server market with a share of 47 percent in terms of revenue; leading by eight percentage points compared to the No 2 player. Additionally, HP also led the India blade server market in revenue for CY2007 and CY2008.
This clearly certifies our continued leadership & commitment to the segment. However, beyond the market share comparison, HP is bringing in tremendous innovation around blades with its convergence strategy and BladeSystem Matrix offering.

With this launch, HP has taken the first step in the market to go beyond blades and bringing together the convergence of servers, storage, networking, and power & cooling, unified through a single management tool. Importantly, HP is the only player to enable an integrated virtualization across Server Connect, SAN, and LAN layers through its Flex Fabric offering. HP is already working with some service providers in the country to help them realize a cloud environment using BladeSystem matrix.

Leo Joseph
VP – Systems and Technology Group, IBM India

The strong customer validation only reinforces what customers demand — best of class technology from a trusted partner. IBM’s market share on blades has been consistently growing for the last four quarters in a tough economic scenario, a proof point that we are making an impact with our approach of providing clients innovative infrastructure & technology solutions.

IBM understands that one size does not fit all. Our competition has yet to figure it out. IBM offers five chassis designs for different segments categorized broadly on the size of the customer, performance requirements, and nature of business. IBM blades are designed to run across chassis (supplied over the last few years) to keep the TCO low.

Besides, IBM blade design offers very high levels of reliability, reducing the chances of hardware failures and the cost of setting up disaster recovery infrastructure. To start with, shared resources like power, Ethernet and storage I/O and manageability inside the chassis are all redundant. IBM believes in tightly integrating I/O with compute and offers Ethernet and fiber channel switches within the chassis. Moreover, IBM is the only vendor which offers Layer 4-7 application load balancing within the Chassis.

IBM was one of the first to announce a new server that supports the latest Intel Xeon processors. Besides, IBM has created an exclusive club of blade champions who are specially skilled and focused on selling blades to our customers. Channel partners are our extended arm and IBM appreciates and acknowledges their role in our success in gaining leadership of blades in Q2-09.

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