Competing Or Complementing?

Jul 1st 2009
Competing Or Complementing?

While EMC banks on the completeness of its approach, Symantec is proud of its hardware-agnostic positioning

EMC Vs Symantec

Venkatesh Iyer
Head- Backup And Recovery, EMC India

EMC has a suite of solutions in the backup, recovery, and archival space to meet diverse needs of its customers and prospects. A completeness of approach propels its complete and focused ecosystem of products and partners.  EMC has a broad suite of backup solutions with source or target-based data deduplication technology capable of modifications to suit customers’ unique needs.
EMC NetWorker family speeds up and simplifies backup and recovery, ensuring centralized control and flexibility to manage all data protection requirements.

EMC Disk Library family includes new software capabilities for improved management, monitoring, and features that increase performance and lower costs. The new EMC Disk Library 1500 and 3000 models software improves replication throughput by up to 80 percent, significantly reducing disaster recovery risks and cost. It also includes NetWorker path-to-tape and replication support, Open Storage API support for Symantec Veritas NetBackup, and API support for Oracle RMAN optimized deduplication, providing up to a 300 percent increase in deduplication ratios.

Avamar, the source-based deduplication backup solution, supports remote office backup play within the next-generation backup campaign. It extends EMC’s backup, recovery, and archive message by reducing the amount of data needed to be managed and backed up.
This broad portfolio of solutions suite addresses customer requirements, giving EMC the ability to gain a significant mindshare and market share in this segment.

Vishal Dhupar
Managing Director, Symantec India

In a connected world it is not only imperative that information is easily stored and retrieved, but it should also be done securely. While data is being generated by the petabyte, dealing with it requires stable, scalable, and secure products and solutions. Symantec through its  products such as Enterprise Vault, NetBackup, CommandCenter Storage, and Storage Foundation, is doing just that for its customers.

A recent report by ‘The Tolly Group’, which has looked at the performance of Backup Exec and Veritas NetBackup from Symantec against similar products has recommended our solutions over those of our competitor. The report states customers can see a 4000 percent improvement over our competitor as our solution eliminates the need for performing MAPI-level backups. Our single pass backup technology offers reduced storage requirements and less administrative effort. The report states that our products can recover a mailbox of the size of 200MB almost 13 times faster than that of our competitor.

We have a hardware-agnostic positioning, which ensures that customers do not have to undergo unnecessary hardware purchases or changes to be able to use our solutions. It also puts us in an enviable spot that most of our products work much better on the hardware supplied by our competitor.
While we compete with EMC in certain areas, we partner with them in our Veritas Storage Foundation solution. This speaks volumes of the benefit of our hardware agnostic product positioning and our competitor accepting us as a partner.

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