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Wireworks Infrastructure

By Gourab Das on Sep 13, 2010
Wireworks Infrastructure

Anil Saxena, CEO, Wireworks, believes in saying no to customers when it should be so.


Wireworks Infrastructure

New Delhi
Key Executives:
Anil Saxena, CEO; CB Singh, VP; Jasbir Singh, Principal Designer; S.Kanagaraj, Projects Head
Revenues 2008-09:
Rs 27.19 Crore
Revenues 2009-10:
Rs 33.50 Crore
CommScope, Avaya, Cisco, Emerson
Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai
IT Infrastructure Solutions, Data Center Solutions, VoIP

Saying “No” is often a daunting task. But Wireworks had the courage of saying “No” to a Chinese assignment worth $ 1 million. Wireworks felt they were not ready to jump in the Chinese bandwagon so early and lose the customer’s trust. Anil Saxena, CEO, Wireworks, said, “We firmly believe in saying no when it should be a no. Our corporate belief continues to be ‘under commit, over perform.’

According to Saxena, at the time the company started, IT Infrastructure market was nascent and networking 1000+ nodes was a big thing. The company had to convince customers about the benefits of networking, GUI bandwidth, resource optimization and personally meet EDP Managers. Sales cycles were long and IT budgets didn’t match up. But, Wireworks chose the customers meticulously; they chose the leaders in their businesses who were willing to pay a little more for high quality and reliable solutions.

Wireworks provides structured cabling, datacenter solutions, VoIP, grounding & bonding, infrared thermal audits, power quality audits &energy saving solutions. Saxena believes they all have a common thread for a robust IT Infrastructure deployment. “We continue to believe that if a reliable foundation is built in these areas; the customer is going to have the highest ROI out of their IT investment,” he said.
But to his disappointment, a large pool of work is getting awarded to IT integration companies who completely outsource these sophisticated activities to contractors knowing little about standards.
Wireworks feels, the BFSI and ITES are two promising sectors for  future expansion plans in APAC.

“Our global customers have sizable investment plans to scale their presence in India and Asia-Pacific region”, he said
After becoming the elite partner of CommScope-Systimax, Wireworks got the boost to keep growing. Saxena said, “It helped us acquire and absorb advanced technology much faster and equipped us better in the enterprise space to deliver larger and more complex solutions. Imagine being in the league of 15 out of 2000 partners in the world.”
Wireworks now strives to be in the top three IT infrastructure solution provider for enterprise customers in India.

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