High Anxiety : How Partners emerge successful from tricky situations

By Yogesh Gupta on Jul 29, 2011

Consider a few of the many complex scenarios encountered:

# Lock the account with a vendor, get the MAF for quotation but price is not received till the last day. When the final bid opens, there are multiple partners with more aggressive prices.

# Conducting demos and POCs, but another partner known well to the customer comes into the picture whem the vendor prefers.

# Unwillingly conducting time consuming tasks that are not part of SLA. The fear being non-release or delay in payment.

# Quoting a competitive price including services to a customer. Another unauthorized partner of the same vendor quotes a lesser price and walks away with the deal.

Such circumstances are jittery enough to increase anxiety and uncertainty about a particular deal in a partner’s mind. Partners have to exhibit intelligence, patience and determination to handle such situations without burning bridges.

ChannelWorld explores real-life stories of five solution providers who displayed proficiency and entrepreneurial skillfulness to sail through tight situations.

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