RAH Infotech Shows Channels the Way Ahead

By Sejuti Das Feb 12th 2015
RAH Infotech Shows Channels the Way Ahead
Mutual trust and long lasting bond with vendor companies and channel partners helps VADs to evolve and succeed in today’s aggressively competitive market. Leveraging competent channel partners and forge niche vendor alliances marks RAH Infotech’s success in 2014.

RAH Infotech seems to be on the fast track.

The Value Added Distributor (VAD) had a50 percent top line growth in 2014 over the previous corresponding year. And the strong momentum is expected in 2015.

The company’s name RAH sounds like an acronym of three words or some technology jargon. But that’s not the case. “Rah in Hindi means the way or path. Since we were dealing in the networking products from day one, our company name highlighted the ‘best way’ forward,” says Ashok Kumar, CEO & MD, RAH Infotech.

RAH Infotech has always aligned with networking and security solutions to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions to its customers. That has made us as one of the fastest growing VAD companies in this space in India, says Kumar.

The company name today in a broader sense today highlights how we have covered the best path with our vendors, channels and employees over the past decade of existence in IT industry. And we do continue the same in future too,” he adds.

As we added security products to our portfolio, our value prop is now offering a ‘secure path’ for channels and their enterprise customers, he says

Today, RAH Infotech has a robust channel base of 500+ value added resellers and system integrators spread across the length and breadth of India. RAH Infotech is also keen on aiming on government segment, large and small and medium enterprise segments as well. And we have added competent channel partner companies in these identified verticals which have helped out growth, says Kumar.

Last year was extremely good for us as we witnessed a top line business growth of 50 percent and our channel base also swelled by over 50 partners, said Kumar.

A key success factor for RAH Infotech has been the execution of immaculate strategy to align with the relevant technology vendor companies over the twelve months in 2014. The company became a value added distributor with F-Secure last December thereby distributing the security company’s entire range of products including business suite and protection service for business for SMB segment. RAH Infotech also aligned with Knowlarity in July 2014 to provide information security, network/ performance, storage backup and wireless solutions to their customers. We forged an agreement with niche product company Garland Technology in October 2014 to distribute their extensive portfolio of networking and security solutions across India, he says.

(See the table for vendor alliances)

RAH Infotech distribute niche security products and technologies, which are in many ways ahead in technology, features and deliver more business benefits than the products from the large vendors. “These vendors may not have much prominence in India, but they do have a focused approach and command a large market share in their niche segment globally. Furthermore, being niche they offer good support for sales and pre-sales which ensures good margins for our partners and us,” comments Kumar. 

We have always distributed niche products and with the value added proposition from our end. And we have robust channel ecosystems to take the story forward to the enterprise customers, he says.

 True Value of VAD

It shouldn’t come as an astonishment to Indian IT channel professionals that business and technology are changing faster than ever across the ecosystem of partners. A perfect blow of new emerging technologies, rapidly evolving competition, drastic transforming of business modules, consumerization and economic forces have fundamentally altered the traditional supplier/ partner relationship.

RAH Infotech possess the experience and expertise to deploy the niche technologies and IT services. We have dedicated teams of pre-sales, sales and technical manpower that empower our channels to focus on client contentment and maximizing their ROI to emerge as a complete information-infrastructure solutions provider, says Kumar.

The previous year, with emerging new technologies, the IT industry has undergone a revolutionary change. With that effect, this year the vendor companies will encounter extreme changes in the business methods.

Today’s basic business collaborates in the world of networking, information security solutions; telephony and video collaboration; and RAH Infotech has ensured to have a right mix of enterprise security vendors in their fold. The company works with half a dozen security vendors like ForeScout, F-Secure, Gemalto, Trustwave, WatchGuard, adware.

In today’s development, it’s not just the cost but the efficiency of a solution to accelerate, secure, and streamline business operations, determines what solution or service will be executed in the organization, says Kumar. Data being the most valued asset, it is improbable that any enterprise would compromise on network security. Hence, they always choose to deploy the best breed of solution that addresses the security concerns, he adds.

Business relationship is too gentle at most times as per Kumar. It entails to be nurtured, that’s why it’s vital to have great bonding with vendor companies, IT channel partners and of course with our customers. In today’s aggressively competitive market, mutual trust and long lasting bond with vendor companies and channel partners helps VADs like us to evolve and succeed in India, believes Kumar.

The current market conditions will enable VADs to register good business in 2015 through their strong vendor alliances and enterprising channel ecosystem. Despite few issues around delayed payment, shrinking margins and increased attrition that we expect this year, 2015 will be more business friendly than last year, says Kumar. The new government and its IT initiatives will help us to invest in our business operations and grow further,” he says.

With a vision of being the most preferred and trusted IT distribution house for our partners and customers, RAH Infotech expects to grow steadily year-on-year by maximize their revenue, concluded Kumar.

We truly believe in ‘For the partner, by the partner and with the partner’ which has fructified to our success and their success too over the years, says Kumar.

RAH Infotech continues to traverse it’s rah (path in English) to greater heights in near future.

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