Women channel entrepreneurs talk tech blueprint for 2017

On International Women’s Day, women channel entrepreneurs speak about how they drive technology and business changes in their companies.

The IT industry is famous for being predominantly a man’s world. However, the industry has witnessed several women leaving their mark, and powerfully so. From Ada Lovelace, to Grace Hopper, Marissa Meyer and Meg Whitman, technology is not really alien to a woman’s touch. However, the numbers are still abysmal.

According to a study conducted by Harvey Nash and KPMG, only 9 percent of senior IT leaders are women. Another research by LeanIn and Mckinsey reveals that a measly 12.8 percent of Indian CEOs are women, a number much higher than women CIOs at 3-5 percent only.

Surprisingly, these studies actually reveal a rise in the number of women in the industry – however small it might be. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we reached out to women channel partners, who are leaders driving transformation, technology and business changes in their companies for their technology blueprint and business plans for 2017.

Kavita Singhal, Director, Kamtron Sytems

My business mantra is to give your best and it’ll come back to reward you. This year, we are focusing solely on cloud. There are a lot of buzzwords about technologies like IoT and analytics but you cannot jump into everything at once. For me, my top technology of 2017 is cloud, cloud and cloud, with everything built into it.

More than being a jack of all trades, I would prefer being the master of one. On the business end, we are looking at continuous engagement with customers. In a transactional business model like ours, you are regularly in touch with your customers. At Kamtron, we are constantly focused on understanding the needs of our customers in order to provide them with the appropriate solutions from OEMs.

Anita Jain, CEO, Trident Information Systems

For 2017’s top technologies, we are placing our bets on IoT, DevOps and analytics as these technologies take the market by storm. At Trident, we interact with organizations that have implemented ERP solutions. The data residing in ERP transactions need to be used intelligently. We are looking at helping organizations use this data better so that stakeholders can make better decisions.

My business mantra is to bring value to the customer. This results in more business and returns for my organization, which is my ultimate goal. Also, I firmly believe in doing things that are meaningful and bring value to customer expectations.

Anuradha Kaur, MD, One Network

Apart from our regular targets, this year’s business plan is to break traditional IT thinking and to replace it with “enhancing consumer experience.” Our teams have now moved onto application language, application and network monitoring, zero branch IT, SD-WAN, and converge infrastructure.

My business mantra has to be to believe in myself as that is the first secret to success. They say that the only limitations in life are the ones you set and this is painfully applicable with women entrepreneurs who often stop themselves from investing deeply, scaling up and dreaming big. Thus, believing in our ability to succeed is the most important quality that women entrepreneurs need to run a successful business.

On the technology side, One Network is focusing on IoT, digitization and adaptive security architecture in 2017.

Ashvini Danigond, Founder, ED and CEO, Manorama Infosolutions

The one business mantra I swear by is to keep my unwavering focus on the decided objective and goal, and work relentlessly to achieve that business target. Additionally, I cannot function without a proper plan and strategy in place.

Throughout the 21st century, the technology journey has been focused on devices. Our top three technologies for 2017 would be IoT with its influence on multiple devices, social media that is ruling the part and parcel of all business activity, and of course security. Going forward and adopting all these data driven technologies demands a secure environment and infrastructure should be a top priority for the industry.

As we are more into the product side of things, 2017 seems to be a very fruitful year for us and we’re quite keen on Digital India. We are expecting to expand our healthcare services and deploy automation enterprise solutions across all public healthcare units with single database servers.