Affordable telemedicine: Bridging the rural-urban divide in healthcare

Telemedicine will be the highlight of 2018 as it has the potential to take quality healthcare to remote and inhospitable terrains across the country.

Cloud migration: Redefining the role of CIO as enterprises transform

Migrating to the cloud model is strategically re-defining the role and responsibilities of CIO’s.

Transforming healthcare through an omnichannel approach

Healthcare companies should adopt omnichannel strategies leveraging digital technologies to deliver proactive and real-time patient care.

Cloud is evolving: Welcome to cloud 2.0

Cloud’s first avatar aka cloud 1.0 was all about agility, scalability, time and cost savings. Today the model is evolving, making way for its next version, which is more interactive, intelligent and business driven.

How Trump and New Policies can impact India’s business with the US

While Donald Trump promotes "Make in America" and more jobs for locals, Indian IT companies have already started revising their long-standing offshore policies. But what is the long term impact of these?

Dealing with Brexit, GDPR and Greek Meltdown

As foreign markets transform due to new economic realities, Indian IT sector should find ways to adapt and capitalize on new opportunities.

India will leapfrog towards digital economy and social integration

With new tech-enabled platforms like Aadhar, eKYC and UPI ,India is poised towards being a digital economy that will also drive social integration

India is the new emerging market for IT/ITeS companies

Despite apprehensions and a possible slowdown, EU and US continue to be the key markets for Indian software service providers and IT enabled services. But then there is also a potential domestic market opening up.

2018: The era of mobile commerce and e-payments

The new year will see the Indian marketplace transitioning to a mobile driven economy that will see an increase in electronic transactions.

Skilling India's techies: Opportunity or challenge?

Here is why India’s IT industry is betting on creativity, design thinking, data science and empathy.

Has MDM become an integral part of the BYOD strategy?

With the rapid adoption of Bring Your Own Device trend, enterprises are pushed to implement MDM tools to effectively prevent business data from falling into the wrong hands.

Mobility strategy of the future: How APIs will change the game

In an era where people are customers and so are things, enterprises need to up their mobility strategy and APIs is the savior for the future.