Black Box has a perfect tech blueprint for channels: Denzil Stephenson

Our strength is created by our ability to combine different IT and AV products to tailored solutions for our customers, says Denzil Stephenson of Black Box Network Services.

Black Box Network Services Jul 03rd 2017

A technology solutions provider, Black Box delivers high-value products and services through its global presence and more than 3,500 team members. Denzil Stephenson, Director Sales - Asia Pacific, Black Box Network Services talks about the company’s technology blueprint and channel roadmap for India in 2017 and beyond.

What are key technology trends in 2017 that will increase the business of Black Box Network Services?

KVM systems have come a long way from their roots, they continue to evolve, providing the vital link between the operations staff and the technologies used to create and distribute content. These important tools have made significant progress to keep pace with an ever-expanding array of technology and platforms, while at the same time increasing their usability, performance, and reliability.

Black Box has the most comprehensive suite of engineered KVM solutions in the industry. As a leading control rooms solution provider, we provide highly tailored solutions for routing, switching and extending video and peripheral signals. Our products help to optimize the visualization of critical data and bring collaboration in the control room to a whole new level. In addition, we have experienced participating in more than 600 control rooms a year for mission-critical applications.

“Our goal is simple. We want the channel partners to envisage Black Box as an important part of their business.”

Denzil Stephenson, Director Sales, APAC, Black Box


Designed to operate 24/7 in mission-critical environments, Black Box Command and Control Room Solutions are ideal for use in broadcast live production and post-production, military command and control centers, call centers, local/state/federal emergency operations centers, industrial control rooms, transportation control rooms, traffic management centers, and security operations centers.

Black Box is a single source in communications and infrastructure technologies. Which are the main products that sell more than others?

Under products platform, we provide networking solutions through the sale of products for IT infrastructure, specialty networking, multimedia and KVM switching. Black Box celebrated its 40th year in business in 2016. This longevity, amidst massive changes in the global technology landscape, is a testament to the sustainability of the foundation of our business. It is also why our clients trust us with some of the critical computing environments: hospitals, large financial institutions and mission critical control rooms.

Our main focus is on Control Room and Conference and Class Room solutions. So the primary products within our focus area include DCX 3000, Freedom, Multi-Viewer, Control Bridge, DKM/ Agility and Invisa PC. And, we are also focusing on providing end to end solutions for Video Walls that will enable the end user to mix live capture, IP streams and local media all in one application. Our highly reliable and scalable control room solutions are a clear differentiator for Black Box in the marketplace.

What is the company’s channel strategy in India and what type of channel partners will align more with Black Box?

Black Box has established a good footprint in India. The presence in Mumbai has resulted in encouraging business for us which has prompted us to open our next India office in Delhi.

“Black Box is targeting Tier-1 distributors, VARs and enterprise level SIs in India.”

We have a direct channel policy in India. Black Box is targeting three main tiers for indirect route for India: Tier-1 distributors, VARs (Value Added Resellers) and enterprise level SIs (Systems Integrators).

At Black Box Network Services, we offer a number of special pricing programs and volume discounts for resellers and systems integrators. There are also deal registration programs to benefit channels’ business.

What should be the credentials of channels who want to work with Black Box in India? Are you appointing channels based on their vertical strength or geographical presence?

Accessibility to the market is a constraint, but Black Box Network Services makes it easy for channels to win their customers’ business. We appoint channels based on their geographical presence. And of course their market dominance, customer set and domain expertise are few other important credentials. Many of our channels in APAC and in India are vertical focused and that helps them create specialized industry solutions for government, manufacturing, banking, retail, IT and pharma.

For four decades, the cornerstone of our business has been the technical advice and support we provide to our clients. Our technical professionals are dedicated to deliver personalized support to help the customers evaluate the technology options in the market. And our channel partners can help the customers to implement the right communications, infrastructure, and products to achieve their business objectives.

How are you helping channel partners enable their customers’ digital transformation journey?


Classrooms, Contact centers, Conference Room, Control Rooms, Data centers, Data Networking, Fibre to the Desktop, IT services, KVM and AV/IT Management, Security and Risk, Technology Solutions, UC & Collaboration, Wireless

Resellers can reap the benefits of Black Box’s extensive line of products, multiple pricing programs, and unrivaled support services for their customers. The extensive program starts with products and profits and extends to our dedicated Reseller Support Team and free Tech Support experts.

The other partner community is the System Integrators as Black Box makes it easy to build integrated systems. As the largest independent provider of voice and data network services with deep roots in networking products, Black Box can help integrate systems from start to finish. More than 500 System Integrators globally view Black Box as a good business fit for providing key components within their integrated solutions. Black Box has the network infrastructure expertise to expand the scope of their projects also.

We are providing extensive training and marketing activities to help the channel partner business in India. There is product sales training customized to meet the needs of the channel companies’ teams. We are also considering to support Indian SIs who are engaged in projects in the Middle East.

What are the prime benefits for Black Box channel that puts them ahead of the competition in the technology world?

There are five partnership levels, determined by the purchase volume for the SI community. The more they purchase, the more they save. With discounts from Black Box, channels will be much more competitive when trying to win projects or deals.

Black Box can provide the expertise in technologies outside partner’s core business to expand the scope of the project. In addition, Black Box participates in Joint sales calls, customer conferences, product demonstrations, and provide schematic system diagrams to enhance channel partner benefit.

Besides quick quotations to standard product pricing, the company provides fast shipping on all in-stock items. Custom products are a big specialty for Black Box as the company built more than 150,000 custom products in 2016 itself.