Data Encryption is a Goldmine for Channels: Darin Welfare, WinMagic

By Yogesh Gupta Feb 13th 2015
Data Encryption is a Goldmine for Channels: Darin Welfare, WinMagic
Security isn’t only for blue chip companies or heavily legislated industries, says Darin Welfare, VP, EMEA and India, WinMagic.

What would be key priorities for EMEA in 2015? Does the security landscape differ in India?

The top line agenda is perhaps the same of capitalizing on the huge opportunity in India and we certainly have equal size opportunity across EMEA business. What probably differs is how we approach those individual market. Because end point encryption and security is more mature business in much of European operations. We are more in replacement mode (replacing the existing security vendors) in those markets.

In India, it is less mature in terms of use and endorsement of encryption and end point encryption. The market size is obviously huge. Indian CIOs are strengthening from legal perspective and regulatory norms – whether vertical specific or generic .That’s a strong business driver to aid that growth.

What do channels and enterprise customers expect from data encryption vendor?

We are very unique than many bigger players like Symantec, McAfee as encryption is just a part of suite solutions. Any organization that carries large portfolio of technology - whether connected or not – that’s from R&D perspective, it is dispersed and shared. A As a pure play encryption company we invest in technology towards tomorrow’s challenges -- only for encryption -- to meet those issues.

Since our inception in 1995, as the platforms and OS changes, most vendors will not be able to keep pace with the encryption technology. When Windows 8 was introduced, we were the only company to embrace it quickly than anyone else. Another big USP as an encryption vendor is the alliances with different OEMs which is a big endorsement of our value proposition. We work with big vendors like HP, Lenovo. And also smaller niche player like Motion (ruggedized tablets) who have replaced their existing encryption vendor with WinMagic.

What are the typical myths about ‘data encryption’ by organizations at large?

CIOs should first understand what information they have in their organisation, where data sits and how that data moves around. That’s one of the pitfalls I believe with some of companies using our encryption solutions is the perception that valuable or confidential information resides on CXOs’ laptops only. If we encrypt those devices, the real risk of their business is minimized to a big extent. But mobility is driving the big behavioral change in the way companies operate.

BYOD means information is shared across Mobiles, tabs, laptops.Many publicized breaches today do not originate from laptops alone. They could come from service in datacenters, removable media and other sources. In 2014, there were 400 million published data breach incidents and the malicious inside threat and loss put together represented about a third of them. The risks are not just external but from internal too.

Security isn’t only for large blue chip companies or heavily legislated industries. The threats exists across all walks, all tiers of organizations and all industries. Each organization should pursue a strategic approach and encryption technology deployed to interpin that strategy.

India is not mature enough for encryption solutions. How are you evangelizing the channels to pitch the right story to the end customers?

We have begun that journey as there is no single approach. One major investment we have done is local marketing team to work across India and further enable and educate the partners. We are building from ground ups to have an India centric organization. All entities need to be local- technical expertise, service expertise and the marketing activities. Hence we are investing on own resources to enhance our value proposition and help the partners to support their customers more effectively.

In certain markets of India, there is the footprint of the existing vendors. One could say we are late to the market. But we are at the right time as the requirement for encryption and the security environment across companies is rapidly changing now.

How is WinMagic ramping the channel ecosystem to increase its market share in India?

We have signed new distributor Technobind that brings a large set of partners to the fold. Our distribution channel has undoubtedly become stronger in India. Amtrak is a focused distributor completely on government while Comguard is the third distributor.

Since our business is horizontal that fits each vertical, we are identifying the right customer especially in large enterprises that have bigger security needs and a more serious impact of data breach. Today we have toehold or footprint across all vertical across different regions of India and across all large groups. All these deals have been executed through our strong alliances with tier-2 channel partners.

We are very unique than big players like Symantec, McAfee. As a pure play encryption company we invest in technology towards tomorrow’s business challenges around data encryption only.

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