RAH Infotech is redefining tech distribution in India: Ashok Kumar

By Yogesh Gupta Feb 14th 2017
RAH Infotech is redefining tech distribution in India: Ashok Kumar

We are moving beyond box pushing to emerge as a true VAD to enterprise IT channels, says Ashok Kumar, MD & CEO, RAH Infotech.

IT distribution has recently witnessed a lot of consolidation with global brands Ingram Micro, Transition Systems and Avnet getting acquired over the last couple of years. These acquisitions indicate the unexplored potential or maybe the overcrowding of the space.India bred VAD (Value Added Distributor) RAH Infotech is gaining momentum in the technology domain as it has expanded its overseas operations to five countries. ChannelWorld India spoke to Ashok Kumar, MD &CEO, RAH Infotech on the company’s road ahead and the expectations of channels from distributors. 

Edited Excerpts.

How has RAH Infotech progressed in 2016 and what were the key catalysts of your growth?

The calendar year of 2016 has been an eventful year for us in terms of growth, expansion and new alliances. We have grown by over 60 percent in CY 2016 and the key catalysts are some of our new alliances bringing in more revenues and the continued support from our existing OEMs.

Since January 2016, we aligned with Actifio, ContentKeeper, Data Resolve, Device42, Interlabz, NetScout and WinMagic. The renewed focus on the Government vertical has further boosted our revenues. We are expecting approximately 50 percent YoY growth in overall company revenues this fiscal ending March 2017 over the last one.

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What been the report card of company’s Dubai office since it opened last year? Any plans to establish more offices outside India?

Middle East market holds lot of potential for our kind of business and we have already started seeing good results since our UAE launch last year.

We opened our Nepal and USA offices last December and RAH Infotech now has presence in six countries including India, Nepal, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA. We plan to further expand into SAARC market this year.

What has helped RAH Infotech steer ahead in the competitive space of value-added IT distribution?

Our expanding geographical presence within and outside India keeps us on top of the VAD marketplace. RAH has always been increasing its portfolio of solution offerings which are unique for the Indian market and importantly that add intrinsic value to organization’s IT posture.

I believe our renewed focus on certain key verticals last year will keep us ahead in the IT distribution game. Lastly the realignment of management team and increased team strength are in line with our company’s overall objectives.

I envision a day when RAH Infotech will go far beyond box pushing and redefine value added technology distribution. To become India’s leading value added technology distributor is the goal I have set for RAH Infotech and myself.

Ashok Kumar's Bio : Started off his career as a support engineer,Ashok later turned into an entrepreneur. He has many ventures to his credit including Network Solutions India, RSF Technologies and now RAH Infotech. Ashok is a visionary with a successful industry track record and the proven expertise of over 20 years.

What community of channel partners are you aligning with in India for a robust channel ecosystem?

We are already executing business with over 500 channel partners across the country. Our key focus remains to retain these partners and achieve higher repeat business with them. We would also like to align with new potential partners who can help us get into newer accounts and reach the untapped markets.

We will continue to build on the momentum we have gained since 2014 and will reach out to our partners through various vehicles including sales and technical support, sales promotions, co-marketing activities and logistics support.

Your key message to channels in India on why they should prefer partnering with RAH Infotech?

RAH Infotech has been one of India’s fastest growing value added distributor for consecutive three years growing over 50 percent YoY consistently. This was possible only due to realignment of our focus on channel business and the results of the same are quite evident.

Going forward, all our sales and marketing initiatives will be directed towards channel enablement and empowerment across the country. While we continue to approach the end customers, all our business will be routed through our channel partners thereby bringing more clarity and transparency in our business model.

What are your three big technology bets for 2017 and why?

The technology bets likely will not be radically different this year than it was in the year of 2016. However, trends that have been ongoing may accelerate or evolve, as technologies mature and businesses get more acclimatized to them.

With the world moving more towards digital, most of the organizations are moving - at different adoption rates - towards cloud and many have their IoT roadmap ready too. All this means the focus on Cybersecurity this year will be more than before.

With many datacenters going the cloud route, Hyper converged infrastructure and Software defined networking will be the other two technologies to look out for in 2017.





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