Titus Labs : The key difference from competitors is that we are end user driven

By Yogesh Gupta Sep 6th 2010
  • As an enterprise data classification solutions company, how is Titus Labs different than other vendors in the market?

    Patricio : Titus Labs' security and compliance solutions for email and documents allow enterprises to manage the classification, distribution and retention of email. We allow end users of organizations to label and classify emails and documents at the desktop. There is no other solution in the marketplace which is more end user driven like ours. End users who create documents, emails, corporate information should be responsible for how it should be marked initially. We do visual labels, create policies and add metadata to email and data. The challenge by enterprises is getting user to ‘when to do it and not to forget to do it.’ These metatags can be leveraged to third party technologies like encryption, archival or DRM solutions.

  • Why should an enterprise customer invest in gateway level with other vendors for DLP, Encryption and then with Titus Labs at desktop level?

    Patricio: We are not gateway solution but a desktop based solution. DLP and other solutions are good at gateway level. Before exiting the gateway, if an information flow is breaking the policy, then we warn the users before it leaves desktop and they can take appropriate and immediate action. There is no complete solution as a one piece of security which is fool proof. We can do content scanning at the desktop, then second step could be leverage it with DLP at gateway level.

  • What key advantages does an enterprise customer derive after implementing your company’s solutions?

    Patricio: Enforcement of classification policy at enterprises end is the key. The investments of third part technology get utilized through our solutions and do not become shelf ware. There is benefit of adhering to compliance and industry regulations. There is more user awareness with respect to treating information  as per business need and instills a better understanding of information flow within the organization.

  • Are you pursing a ‘Direct to Customer’ strategy or would you have a channel plan in India?

    Patricio : India and China are fastest and promising markets in APAC. We have aligned with Indusface as a strategic partner in India who would be distributor and solution provider right from promoting the product, POC and implementation at enterprise end. Baroda headquartered Indusface, an end to end security information is an ideal fit for us as they offer compliance related deployments on services front. Indusface pursues a holistic approach at enterprise customer from issues like risk perspective (maybe compliance), gap analysis and others. This helps them position various security products including solutions from Titus Labs.

  • Your targeted verticals are mostly large enterprises. What about addressing the extensive number of SMBs especially in India?

    Patricio: We had good success across Australia, UK, US where there is a demand for data classification solutions. Globally, 60% of our revenues emerge from military/Government and rest from enterprises. Financial, IT/ITes and telecom in India seem promising in India. Though we are not vertical specific, our solutions are mainly preferred by industry which needs compliance. Our focus is more on large enterprises and upper mid-market.If SMBs need solutions wrapped around information classification, we are the right choice. We would introduce more valuable offerings for SMB space.

  • Why should enterprises be inclined to invest and adopt ‘information classification’ solutions for securing their IT infrastructure?

    Patricio: Most organizations are struggling with deriving the maximum benefit from DLP or encryption solutions. With a larger roll out, DLP becomes just a monitoring tool. Companies at large are not ready with policy, even if they are then most information is blocked at DLP level, could be quarantined / deleted or even delayed .The user level classification helps to link metadata to third party solutions to ensure efficient information flow. The labelling information done by our solutions helps enterprises make smarter decisions in their business.