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Datagres: Fueling dynamic data management

Jan 28th 2016
Datagres: Fueling dynamic data management

Harnessing data is not the differentiator anymore. The key to the castle is 'Active data management'. Here's where Datagres makes its mark in gathering data intelligence, especially in mission-critical technology environments.


Founded in 2010, Bangalore-based Datagres offers a data management platform that delivers real time optimized server and storage performance for applications. 

The company prides itself on redefining the way the industry thinks about active data. In addition to this, it transforms value for organizations through intelligent data management.

The startup’s flagship product, PerfAccel provides comprehensive data intelligence and dynamic data management within mission-critical technology environments. It does so by basing the solution on a Data Intellect platform that accelerates, manages, and scales active application data in a heterogeneous storage environment. The sheer immensity of deployment makes it hard to manage an eCAD environment. PerfAccel nails it by efficiently handling and managing it.

Doing so helped the company earn a $2 million Series-A funding from Next Venture Partners in 2012.

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