Cloud solutions melded with disruptive technologies can revolutionize businesses: Vikas Arora, IBM

By IBM Nov 20th 2017
Cloud solutions melded with disruptive technologies can revolutionize businesses: Vikas Arora, IBM

IBM foresees technologies like multi-cloud and cloud containerization helping shape the cloud market in the coming year.

In the coming years, to stay ahead of the competition, visionary organizations recognize that they can exploit cloud as a technology convergence platform for more advanced strategic reinvention, said Vikas Arora, Country Manager, Cloud Business, IBM India and South Asia. Deploying cloud technology to drive business innovation and reduce cost is already a mainstream tactic. Cloud solutions melded with disruptive and emerging technologies – like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and predictive analytics – can revolutionize businesses and industries.

As per industry experts like Forst & Sullivan, by 2020, 90 percent of business models may be driven by cloud, expanding the global cloud market to an impressive USD 250 billion. Back home, as per a recent report by Gartner, Public IaaS, SaaS, iPaaS and IaaS as Cloud solutions will continue to grow with a larger push towards Hybrid Cloud environment.

At IBM, we foresee similar trends with our clients. Visionary cloud leaders are already employing “cloud crucibles” to forge winning cloud strategies that create competitive advantage and boost financial success. We have built ‘IBM Cloud’ to be ‘the’ Cloud for businesses keeping in mind the need for it to be the ‘Cloud Crucible’- Designed for, data, AI ready and secure to the core. Our new offerings like IBM Cloud Private (ICP) is delivering a single platform located behind a customer’s firewall for building cloud-native applications or modernizing existing ones. Similarly, IBM Cloud Object Storage (ICOS) is developed for a highly scalable cloud storage service, designed for high durability, resiliency and security. Lastly, our Hybrid cloud portfolio provide clients with a consistent way to monitor, manage and optimize workloads across their multi-cloud environment.

The underlying fact is, all our Cloud solutions are built to help organizations harness the power of Data which we foresee will be the key driver for innovation coupled with exploiting the capabilities of new age technologies. For us, Data is what makes each client unique and we work towards helping them not just securely retain their own data within the firewall but also device strategies to help them stay ahead in the innovation curve. The future of Cloud is to help clients grow their business with Data- geographically and financially.

We foresee clients across BFSI, Pharma, Healthcare, Telecom, Government, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail etc looking at a multi-cloud strategy with a larger emphasis to co-innovate with the ecosystem of startups, partners and developers.

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