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Asia Pacific businesses embracing emerging technologies, IT firm says

Added on Mar 20, 2012 by Phoebe Magdirila

IT firm EMC reports that a growing number of enterprises in the Asia Pacific region, regardless of size, continue to seek advanced IT solutions.

This trend is noticed after the company closed the Fiscal Year of 2011 where the Asia Pacific region has largely contributed. It ended at a 10.9% growth from its expected 8.3% forecasted backdrop. "Asia Pacific IT spending grew faster than the other parts of the world," relates Ronnie Latinazo, Country Manager, EMC Philippines.

SMBs Take A Leap

In the Philippines alone, the company has gained a 10% year-on-year growth wherein the last quarter alone contributed a 25% quarter-on-quarter growth rate. This, according to Latinazo, reflects the market's continuous need to adopt various emerging technologies in the coming years. "What we're seeing is the pendulum is swinging to the hybrid cloud," says Latinazo.

After touching a huge market of the high-end enterprises locally, EMC has successfully entered the mid-range market with 40.13% share in the external disk sector alone. "We really wanted to grow in the midrange," he says. "Today we have over 200 customers [which includes] SMB customers."

2012 Forecast

A recent survey projects that security, storage, virtualization and the cloud will top companies' IT spending. Likewise, EMC intends to focus on these solutions in the coming years.

"EMC's vision, strategy and roadmap is in lock-step with two of the biggest trends in technology - cloud and big data," says Pat Gelsinger, President and Chief Operating Officer, EMC Information Infrastructure Products.

The big SMB segment is also looking at the cloud as a solution. "Companies don't have enough money to continue what they are doing," says Latinazo. "You will see developments in the cloud."

EMC highlights that the products to come out in the future will feature cloud and big data capabilities.