Channel Chief of Dell EMC India to be announced early 2017

India business led by Anil Sethi of Dell and Praveen Sahai of EMC will soon have a single channel chief for Dell EMC. 

Dell EMC as a major group company under Dell Technologies announced its India leadership in September this year.

Rajesh Janey and Alok Ohrie lead the enterprise and commercial business for Dell EMC in India.

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However the indirect route to the market through channels in India continues to be driven separately as in the past.

After the formal merger of Dell and EMC on September 07 this year and with the India country heads in place for Dell EMC; Anil Sethi and Praveen Sahai are leading the channel business for Dell and EMC respectively in India.

At the first media conference of Dell EMC India last week; ChannelWorld asked the India heads of Dell EMC Rajesh Janey and Alok Ohrie on the road ahead for the company’s integrated channels strategy and the need for a single channel chief leading new entity Dell EMC. 

Channel Partners in India are largely confused on who will lead channels for Dell EMC to which Alok Ohrie, President & Managing Director, India Commercial, Dell EMC replied, “Some of these discussions are in progress which will continue till 1st February of 2017 (the date of the culmination of the integration of both companies). Till the announcement, both setups of legacy EMC and legacy Dell will continue as separate channel leads.”

Legacy EMC fiscal which ends 31 December 2017 will have additional one month to coincide with the legacy fiscal of Dell that ends 31 January 2017. “By then, we would definitely have clarity on the combined integrand channels. There will be a single leader for the channels in India to drive Dell EMC", says Ohrie.

Legacy EMC fiscal which ends 31 December 2017 will have additional one month to coincide with the legacy fiscal of Dell that ends 31 January 2017.

Rajesh Janey, President & Managing Director, India Enterprise, Dell EMC added, “The first thing we wanted during the merger of Dell and EMC was to not have any disruption on both sides – end-users and the channels. The account teams will continue as in the past as they engaging with the customers and the channels. There will be about three to four functions that cut across which are marketing, HR, channels alliances, ISV OEM.”

It’s the dawn of the next industrial revolution as per Dell Technologies. Tech OEMs and CIOs (end user companies) are transforming digitally from the traditional IT infra.

Are the channel partners undergoing transformation too in India? Alok Ohrie at Dell EMC said, “Channels have evolved from selling products to now getting into deeper conversations with the customers on IT infra, implementation plans and deploying new technologies. It is important for us to hand hold the channels on this journey to transform their business for them to be trusted advisor in some form and shape for these customers. And we would do the same through a massive training program.”

Rajesh Janey spoke on how channels should be in sync with the emerging technology world. He said,” The legacy IT with investments made a decade ago continues to run as it is. But the modern companies are building futuristic and different infra which has mobile, data, flash, cloud at the core that is needed to optimize the cost to find money first.”

“Some companies have accelerated the journey by reducing the cost on IT side and come companies are struggling. This has a direct impact on vendors and its channels. If we as vendors and our partners try to implement traditional IT, we will remain on the cost side. But whereas if we partner in future technology, we will be more on investment side, “said Janey.

“We are helping channels draw a blueprint for their existing customers from traditional IT environment to futuristic environment that involves hybrid cloud or maybe big chunks on public cloud and small workloads on premise. Or how they can help bigger company modernize their datacenter which is SDN centric, hyper-converged, mobility driven. We are engaging with all partners to thread this journey with us. We plan to have 500 trained professionals in India over the next three to six months,”said Ohrie.

We are in the process of finalizing the leader soon to lead India channels business for Dell EMC, said Janey.

It’s wait and watch for the Dell and EMC channels till early 2017 as per the company.

 An early announcement might be on the cards.