Channels to drive cloud adoption in India: AWS

By Yogesh Gupta Jan 9th 2017
Channels to drive cloud adoption in India: AWS

We are listening to customers, building partner ecosystem and enabling skillsets in cloud, says Bikram S Bedi, Head of India, AWS

AWS had an installed customer base of over 75,000 organizations as on June 30 last year. The number of enterprises utilizing AWS services since then has gone up substantially, especially after the launch of their local datacenter in Mumbai in June 2016.

The cloud vendor has been aggressive on building its global partner program for the past couple of years. In the period of November 2015 to November 2016, more than 10000 partners joined APN (AWS Partner Network) globally.

I have rarely seen a tech OEM business succeed without adequate partner support in India and hence building a robust channel partner ecosystem is huge play for us, says Bikram S Bedi, Head of India, Amazon Web Services. “We witnessed an 80% increase in the number of partners who joined APN in India from June 2015 to June 2016. The reseller revenues have seen triple digit growth in India as we foresee huge traction across the market with massive opportunities for the channels,”he added.

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The focus of AWS continues to work closely with ‘born in the cloud’ partners. “We would dive much deeper with consulting partners large global system integrators like Accenture, PwC, HCL, Wipro, TCS and also regional systems integrator partners like Progressive, Team Computers, Orient technologies to name a few,” he says.

That’s the first initiative to go deeper in alliance with partners like working on analytics with Progressive or working with other partners on archiving and storage as services. We will invest with partners, build skillsets and forge deeper relationships with them, he says.

AWS would continue to cement its partnerships with ISVs who are building solutions and offerings on its platform. "The likes of Ramco, Mithi Software, Knowlarity, Vinculum, are key partners for us. Also many ISVs work with us like Freshdesk which is built on AWS has over 80,000 customers globally and Ramco has its cloud platform on AWS,” says Bedi.

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AWS signed Redington as its first India distributor last year. “The disty for cloud is the new model in the marketplace and we are not scared to walk down the dark alleys. We believe to be successful and distribution has to be conquered in a meaningful way and we are figuring out the disty piece to enable our channel ecosystem.”

Bedi spoke on how some of AWS's competition is engaged in making different cloud packs and sell them to their distributors. “That’s not how the cloud works. It’s like giving a 5 ton AC pack to a person who just needs a 2 ton air conditioner. A successful disty has to add value back to its business by giving you the geographic reach and the right set of partners and value added resellers who can sell the cloud offerings to their customers,” he adds.

A successful disty has to add value back to your business by giving you the geographic reach and the right set of partners and value added resellers who can sell the cloud offerings to their customers.

Skills Enablement, Data Security 

AWS always listens to its customers and innovates on their behalf, says Bedi. Indian customers have specific needs with which they approach AWS. “Device farm services from AWS allows mobile device apps to be tested across various (180 to 200) mobile devices. When as App developer makes any change it should work across various platforms and OSes of android, apple, and windows. We have worked towards the same and the local manufacturers like Intex, Micromax have been added to the list,” he says.

What about the biggest fear factor of data security surrounding cloud? It’s gone away to a large extent than in the past, says Bedi.

CIA cloud is now built on AWS is a great example. Our amount of investment in terms of size and scale is massive as we run 14 regions (India is one region) across Korea, Australia, Singapore, China etcetera with 38 availability zones across these regions, he says.

AWS as a public platform has over 2 million active customers. “And if some customer wants new security features, the same is implemented across the entire platform and every customer gets the upgrade. We have strong operational and security records. Most people understand cloud is a more secure platform than actually setting up their own DC, says Bedi.

Skillsets enablement is another key priority for AWS. “We are making sure to train as many people as we can on AWS platform. From January to June 2016, more than 16000 people turned up at AWS’ enablement events. “The training program specific for India that includes running classes for customers and partners in the form of a day class, 3 day architecture classes, self-paced labs through different modules. We will continue to invest in empowering skillsets and training for our partners and customers through a complete training team across various locations in India,” says Bedi.


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