Dell EMC adds momentum to channel business in India

By Yogesh Gupta Apr 25th 2017
Dell EMC adds momentum to channel business in India

Dell EMC's new initiative, Working Capital Solutions, powers partner organizations to scale their operations, said Anil Sethi, India channel chief, Dell EMC.


Dell EMC is officially a joint entity from March 2017.

The amalgamation of two tech giants from product, sales, technical teams extends to their important indirect route – the channel.

Unified Dell EMC Partner Program was launched globally in February this year.

Many Dell EMC partners in India are seeking more details about this integrated partner program in terms of clear rules of engagement, lead generation, no over distribution and other channel issues. 

ChannelWorld India asked Anil Sethi, Vice President, Channels, Dell EMC India on the channel’s expectation list from the new Dell EMC. “Channel partners are asking us for consistency and we have planned that aspect in every single sphere of channel management right from planning to empowerment to participation in a deal. The partners are obviously cognizant on profitability that has been factored in the global partner program,” said Sethi.

Channels want consistency in our business model for them to plan their business investment not only on capital side but on the resources front too, he added.

Sethi notes that the biggest challenge for partners was raising additional capital to scale their business and participate in more IT projects. Dell EMC India last year introduced the accelerator Working Capital Solutions to scale the channels’ business in India.

"There is the traditional method of channel partners buying from IT distributors which continues as it is. As a pilot, we started to bill some of our partners directly," said Sethi.

The Working Capital Solutions, launched six months ago in India, is applicable for the categories of Titanium and Platinum level partners of Dell EMC. “The biggest facet during the integration of Dell and EMC last year was to retain the trust of channels. This initiative to help channels on capital front was little foresight,” said Sethi.

About 60 Dell EMC channel partners are part of Working Capital Solutions initiave. There is a proper diligence of partner companies conducted by Dell EMC in terms of their P&L, revenues, market standing and other parameters to be eligible for the capital limit. 

“There is a credit limit of 45 to 60 days which can be extended depending on the magnitude of the project," he says.

This initiative is very specific for some partners who qualify for the same and not for the entire ecosystem. The rest of channel partners continue to buy from distributors of Dell EMC.

The Working Capital Solutions was first launched in India and now it is being introduced across other countries. “We started doing bigger projects with partners as we have multiplied their working capital limit. The partner’s credit limit with the distributor stays intact,” he clarified.

The distributors are in sync with Dell EMC on this aspect and they are not at loss of business, said Sethi.

“This initiative is working fine since past two to three quarters as the distributors understand the market trends and partner challenges. The increased limits on whole for the partner does not mean loss for disty as the partner will anyways utilize the individual limits with the disty.”

Dell EMC has infused the money factor in the market for the benefit of the partners. “In some big projects, we bring the disty as well as the working capital with a partner. At the end of the day, it’s the entire ecosystem that benefits and ultimately the channels fulfils the deal,” he said.

The partner profile is extremely crucial to be eligible for Working Capital Solutions. “This applies to the metal partners who are super consistent with Dell EMC business. And we believe this will help transcend channels to the next level of growth," said Sethi.

"Dell EMC has great products, great teams, super channel focused and now working capital solutions. All these tenets help increase channel business backed by partner program which is simple, predictable and profitable," said Sethi. "Dell EMC is committed to stay consistent in whatever we do including partner programs, market outreach to help channel partners in accelerating their customers' digital transformation." 

“We are developing and continuing our relationship with channels to make them feel comfortable working with us. I would like to see Dell EMC as the best channel relationship company in India,” said Anil Sethi.




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