India’s Cloud Readiness Slips Four Spots

By ChannelWorld Jul 18th 2014
India slips four spots to 13th place in the Cloud Readiness Index 2014 conducted by Asia Cloud Computing Association.

India slipped four places, (see here) behind Indonesia and China to 13th position, on the latest cloud readiness index compiled by Asia Cloud Computing Association.

The index take into account a number of parameters such as privacy, international connectivity, government regulatory environment, and usage and freedom of information among others.

India has seen one of the largest declines in Cloud Readiness in the Asia Pacific region. Asia Cloud Computing Association feels the country must address its weak data risk profile and IPR protection, and focus regulatory reform on creating a stable, pro-ICT business environment.

“Government has generally been tentative in its adoption of cloud computing, sending conflicting signals to the market,” says Lim May-Ann, executive director of the Asia Cloud Computing Association. “A proactive government-led cloud first policy will have profound and productive implications right across the economy—as we are now seeing from the policies adopted by the successful economies.”

The index, on assessing countries against a 10 point criteria, found the Asia-Pacific economies separating out into three distinct groups.

The first group, called Ready Leaders, includes Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. It’s followed by the middle band of economies, termed Dedicated Improvers, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

India has been placed in the bottom rung, labelled Steady Developing, with China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

“In a region where you have to run just to keep pace, these countries will need to keep their eyes on the goalposts to stay the course,” said Bernie Trudel, the chairman of the Asia Cloud Computing Association.

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