RedSocks Security forays into India with Frux Technologies

Frux Technologies will develop the channel ecosystem and India GTM strategy for Netherlands-based RedSocks Security.

RedSocks is the new cybersecurity vendor on the block in India. Frux Technologies has been appointed as the channel incubation partner for RedSocks Security.

Delhi-headquartered, Frux Technologies will develop the channel ecosystem for RedSocks business in India and SAARC.

Netherlands-headquartered RedSocks Security is focused on real-time analysis of advanced malware threat detection leveraging threat intelligence to create advanced malware defenses for companies of all sizes.

“RedSocks is growing at fast rate in Europe and Asia as we see a general need for more cyber security solutions in this region. India is a strong market in which Frux can help us establish our strong presence in 2017 and beyond,” said Floris van den Broek, CEO, RedSocks Security.

RedSocks Security delivers a unique concept for detecting and fighting malware and has developed an innovative new solution. “Traditional network security tools mainly only monitor inbound internet traffic (Sandbox, Firewalls, Antivirus, etcetera). RedSocks Malicious Threat Detection (MTD) Solution focuses includes monitoring outbound traffic to detect malicious behavior," said Dalip Arora, CEO and founder, Frux Technologies.

“RedSocks solutions conducts threat detection in an automated, real time manner as we see a rapid increase of malware today. We currently detect fifty thousand new and unique threats per hour,” said van den Broek about RedSocks’ USPs over the competition.

RedSocks solutions conducts threat detection in an automated, real time manner as we currently detect fifty thousand new and unique threats per hour - RedSocks Security CEO Floris van den Broek

Frux Technologies has a well-etched plan to build the channel ecosystem for RedSocks in India. “Our prime focus this year is increasing partnership with top security focused Tier-1 and Tier-2 partners. We will work towards deeper engagements with channel partners keen to align with RedSocks,” says Arora.

Frux Technologies will work closely with RedSocks Security by offering them ready access to wide distribution and channel network which serves as their launch pad to associate with the channel community in India while facilitating the GTM efforts as per Arora.

RedSocks and Frux have formed a great partnership that delivers a complete cyber security solution for CSOs and CIOs of Indian enterprises, states van den Broek.

Security being a horizontal solution for any enterprise, we would also align with channels with vertical-specific or geo-specific customers too, says Arora.

Frux foresees huge opportunities through the tie-up with RedSocks. “It is just not enough for end customers to keep adding the latest security technologies as a collection of point products. Nor is it sufficient to rely on a set of integrated technologies of uncertain effectiveness. Instead, enterprises need independently validated products that also work together for maximum protection,” says Arora.

The big opportunity lies in the fact that how more people implement RedSocks service that complements the firewalls and their existing security solutions as per van den Broek.

RedSocks and Frux Technologies in the first year will initially work with security focused channel partners into next gen and cyber security solutions in India.

“Redsocks delivering complete visibility, maximum detection power and superior threat intelligence will further strengthen channel partners’ solution offerings to their customers while allowing them to enjoy better margins,”says Broek at RedSocks.

“Live traffic detection is becoming extremely important for modern companies. However India being a large country, providing demos would partly happen through webcam than all of them at the customer site,”says van den Broek.

Increasing alliances with managed service providers and cloud providers in India would be one of the key focused business line as per Arora. “A major player in the malware threat detection RedSocks would align with couple of MSSP partners who can sell these solutions as a service to their customers. The multitenant solution would automatically fit into the MSSP eco-system, this will give them an additional source of revenue,” says Arora.

Van den Broek at RedSocks Security plans to break through across more Asian countries in future with their unique products in the security space. "We are confident of Frux Technologies paving good inroads by creating a customer base and build more presence for RedSocks in 2017 and beyond," says van den Broek at RedSocks Security.