TrustSphere And QuantM To Deliver 'Messaging Intelligence Solutions' For India

By Shantheri Mallaya Apr 16th 2013
The global messaging intelligence company is ambitious in its strategy to shine in the Indian market, and signs up New Delhi-based QuantM Technologies as strategic partner.

Global messaging intelligence solutions company, TrustSphere is entering the Indian market with a host of plans. The company, which has a strong presence in markets such as Singapore, ANZ, Indonesia, and Malaysia among others, is now keen to establish its presence in the domestic market. Primarily targeting the enterprise, TrustSphere is reportedly planning to take full advantage of the early bird factor. Commenting on this development, Manish Goel, global CEO and founder, TrustSphere, says, “India is high priority on our market growth plans for 2013.”

As a part of the go-to-market strategy, TrustSphere has signed up with New Delhi-based QuantM Technologies as strategic partner for India and South Asia. According to the terms of agreement, QuantM will be the exclusive distributor of TrustSphere’s TrustVault messaging intelligence platform. Goel informs, “QuantM has goodwill and a two decade old reputation as an SI. They will effectively act as TrustSphere India.”

Pawan Khurana, CEO of QuantM, adds, “TrustSphere’s messaging intelligence will be a significant milestone in strengthening our portfolio, and creating a compelling value proposition for our clients.”

Keeping its core competence in the areas of messaging security, integrity, and intelligence in mind, TrustSphere plans to target verticals such as regulated markets, financial services, and healthcare, besides working with large governmental agencies. “This is in line with what we are doing globally,” Goel states. Over the next three to six months, the company also plans to tie up with a few VARs, in order to reach enterprise customers. Also, high on the radar are key banking institutions to which TrustSphere reportedly wants to take its messaging in an astute manner. “Since we are operating in a niche segment, the education process is going to take some bandwidth,” remarks Goel.

Interestingly, TrustSphere seeks to position itself as a relevant ‘fast data’ catalyst by operationalizing data. Goel explains, “Fast data is not a single technology, but a spectrum of approaches that process data which might or might not be stored. We believe we can transform business analytics through this fast data approach. Our messaging intelligence platform can effectively bridge the gap and latencies in procuring real-time data analytics.”

TrustSphere also states that China is not going to be a part of its market focus in 2013. Goel informs, “Once India kicks off, China will possibly figure next.”

Shantheri Mallaya is a special correspondent for ChannelWorld India. Send your feedback to Follow Shantheri on Twitter at @Bluntitude.

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