Vodafone extends Splunk deal to 'fine-tune ops'

Will help internal teams undercover issues in Australia as Splunk expands internationally, telco says

By George Nott Oct 30th 2017

Vodafone has signed a multi-year deal with machine data analysis platform provider Splunk, which it will use to crunch and correlate operations and network performance data in Australia.

The deal comes as Splunk expands internationally. The platform has been used by Vodafone since 2012, to analyse log-on times for customer care agents, the speed of credit checks and to ensure mobile number porting performance is at optimal levels.

The new enterprise software and services agreement allows Vodafone to expand its use of the platform to “strengthen operations, network visibility and reporting” and “investigate and resolve customer-facing and back-end issues”, Splunk told Computerworld Australia.

The telco’s use of the platform has already been used to help automate a number of processes, Splunk said.

Best known as a log file aggregation and analysis tool, Splunk now bundles machine learning via packaged algorithms into its core products and spruiks its potential across all business functions.

“Splunk is helping us fine-tune our operations as we continue our focus on putting the customer at the heart of all we do,” said Barry Kezik, general manager of network engineering and performance, Vodafone Australia.

“Its diagnostics and analytics capabilities also help our internal teams undercover issues that may hinder performance or impact customers to maintain a level of performance we’re proud of," Kezik added.

Splunk opened offices in Sydney and Melbourne last year, to house a rapidly expanding sales team. The company's Australian employee count has risen from 17 to 72 in less than a year.

It counts the likes of Atlassian, Vanderlande, Monash University, Austrade and CSIRO among its Australian customers.

Leading C-suite executives, like those at Vodafone Australia, understand that machine data is a potential gold mine of information. This helps companies to deliver better, more tailored services that make happier customers and ultimately drive stronger revenues,” said Simon Eid, Splunk’s ANZ area vice president.

"Vodafone Australia has demonstrated to Australia’s enterprises how machine data can help solve a multitude of business challenges and create opportunities. Vodafone’s success story also demonstrates that by listening to machine data, organisations are turning analytics into strategic business insights, which in turn help them gain competitive advantage in a very crowded marketplace,” Eid added.

In August Vodafone announced it was gearing up for the “imminent” launch of an internal National Broadband Network pilot ahead of a broader roll out of NBN services.