Zscaler adds teeth to its channels story in India

Cloud-delivered security as a service platform is a massive opportunity for channels, says Scott Robertson, VP APJ at Zscaler.

Zscaler is aggressively pushing its Cloud-delivered security as a service platform across Indian organizations.

Zscaler has 200 plus employees across the Indian cities of Chandigarh, Bangalore and Mumbai. “We are proud to have our heritage in India with Zscaler’s founder & CEO Jay Choudhry born in Chandigarh. From development engineering, QA and other departments; we have a team of sales and pre-sales teams that work with end-customers and channel ecosystem in India, said Scott Robertson, Vice President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Zscaler on his recent India visit.

We are tripling our headcount by the end of this quarter across India, he tells us in an exclusive interaction with ChannelWorld.

Speaking about the massive opportunities for Zscaler as cloud gets mainstream, Robertson says, “From an architecture perspective, we offer the end customers to stay fully compliant with corporate and regulatory policies and also derive the business value instantly with a well-rounded security envelope. The companies can be more nimble with Zscaler solutions and it reduces CIOs’ headache to manage services at their end.”

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The security vendor protects more than 15 million users across more than 5,000 enterprises globally against cyberattacks and data breaches.

Zscaler mainly caters to large enterprise with 10,000 plus users in India. “Majority of these enterprises are based in Indian metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai but they have branch offices across tier-2 and tier-3 cities,” he says. We have traditionally been in the business around the security controls which is a dire need across all verticals including pharma, ITES, retail, and manufacturing as per him.

10000 user enterprises are the sweetspot but we do cater to enterprises right from 10 users all the way over 15000 plus users, he adds.

Zscaler is planning to align with core partners across major Indian cities of Mumbai, Delhi Bangalore, Chennai. We are looking for security based partners who understand the cloud conundrum, digital transformation and mobility. It is a big opportunity for partners as they can help large organisations with disruptive technologies and the unique business model offered by us, he said.

We are looking for security based partners who understand the cloud conundrum, digital transformation and mobility. It is a big opportunity for partners as they can help large organisations with disruptive technologies and unique business model offered by us.

Channels that are highly specialized in the domain of security with a services approach model are perfect fit for us, he says. Also channels who work with cloud providers, the likes of AWS, Microsoft, would benefit as our partners,he adds.

We are not looking at a massive channel recruitment in India but a focused set of partners whom we can back successfully as a technology OEM, clarifies Robertson.

Zscaler does not work as a two tier disty model like most traditional OEMs. “We have direct relations with large service providers who are strong partners for us globally and locally. We have local relationship with VARs as we don’t have a disty based model as a regular stock and ship,”he says. 

Channel partners work with multiple vendors for different tech domains. Why should they add one more vendor to their list with Zscaler?  Robertson replies, “In many cases we will help channels relieve themselves of many vendors as we do compete with lot of them. We don’t expect them to leave all the vendors.” Zscaler application platform is all about security and how channels can differentiate from other market solutions by managing a serious relationship with us, he says.

Organisations have moved to Zscaler cloud based solutions which compete directly with hardware based security vendors. They can also go for hybrid – with legacy and Zscaler solutions in their infra, he says.

Zscaler does not have an appliance based architecture. “We have different security solutions across Zscaler Cloud platform. If our solutions find breach or vulnerability, the same is updated immediately across the network. We do not wait for change management and a patch to come in. We do thousands of updates on weekly and monthly basis. “

Do you see death of hardware security appliances? “There is a definite shift from network based security appliances to cloud based solutions, he replies.

“On-premise, appliance-based web security does not protect the digital businesses to a large extent. But Zscaler helps organizations break free from the restraints of costly appliances for better security posture at a much lower cost,” he says.

Threat landscape is changing fast for the end customers to adopt cloud based solutions and the channels have to deliver the same, says Robertson.