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Commitment Quotient: High

Interviewed on November 18, 2013 by Vinay Kumaar

Anuradha Makhija,Managing Director, One Network India

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One Network believes that commitment to customers is very important. In that vein, how would you rate Juniper Networks commitment to its partners?

I would surely rate Juniper Networks quite high on its commitment to its partner community. We do get ample amount of dedication and support from the Juniper Networks channel and enterprise account management team, especially in terms of new business development. This is through various Go-To-Market strategies and lead generation programs. Also, with the existing customer projects, Juniper Networks team is always actively involved with designing sets of solutions to help expand these projects fruitfully. Such a support enables partners to be increasingly effective in proposing solutions to rope in potential customers and sustain and retain the existing customer base.

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Your revenues from the networking domain increased by 25 percent in the last fiscal. What role did Juniper Networks play in enabling this growth?

Juniper Networks indeed plays a crucial role in enabling such growth for its partners. For instance, over the last fiscal year, Juniper Networks has initiated several programs in conjunction with its partners to create an environment conducive enough to tap new customers. These joint programs have helped significantly to further our competitive advantage over the usual competitors in the market. Juniper Networks presents a host of crucial differentiators such as single OS platform, virtual chassis for switches, and the modular architecture of Junos. This surely helps partners attract and gain customers’ interest in newer ways of creating networking ecosystem. Thus, such marketing initiatives—clubbed seamlessly with technical differentiating factors that Juniper Networks offers—have helped us convert a slew of deals and have fueled our growth.

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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) seems to be the next big promise in networking. What is Juniper Networks strategy on SDN?

Juniper Networks evidently seems to be one of leading proponents in the space of introducing this fairly newer concept of Software-Defined Networking. In my opinion, the acquisition of Contrail Systems for their SDN roadmap has, in a quite obvious manner, presented Juniper Networks with a competitive advantage over other key competitive players. This clearly shows Juniper Networks commitment towards investing and adapting, with the required agility, to the new and upcoming trends. I believe that with QFabric for datacenter solutions in place and with its optimized network layer approach, adapting SDN would help Juniper Networks offer more control over data flow within the datacenters. All these factors make it quite favorable for Juniper Networks to show its readiness for SDN.

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One Network is one of the exclusively Elite partners of Juniper Networks. How does it help you as a solution provider?

Being an Elite partner, we have easy access to an exhaustive range of technical and sales resources. It helps us gain far deeper insights on the competitive analysis that customers usually demand and execute during the procurement process. Also, quite significantly, the Juniper Networks team promotes us in several cases as their Elite partner, as we offer the required technological strengths and stack of products that help ease ourselves in while executing larger and complex projects.

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You have a strong focus on the BFSI sector. How do you ensure consistent business from the industry?

I have always strongly maintained that BFSI is one of the most lucrative verticals over a long period of time, and some of the most critical projects are executed in this vertical. In my opinion, the key to success in this vertical is sustaining the high quality of services provided. Here, we have always tried to be more focused on increasing our quality and standard of support delivery model. We have achieved this by ensuring that we provide customers with the maximum uptime anytime and anywhere. To underscore our commitment to high quality of services, I’d like to mention that we have gained the ISO 9001:2008 certification as well.

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One Network has a strong presence in tier-I cities. What is your stretegy to extend your services to tier-II cities?

Since we already have a strong presence in most of the enterprise companies across India, we are in one way providing indirect support to their branch and regional offices in tier-II cities. Therefore, we certainly do plan to extend our services in tier-II cities in a more focused manner by ensuring that we also have our sales office present in a few of these locations. This helps us take the existing service support story to customers based in that region. In addition to this, we also plan to extend our supply chain in these cities because it would get us some logistical ease to carry out business more effectively.

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Juniper Networks is expanding its portfolio beyond the networking domain. How have you leveraged your foray into other areas such as security?

We have had Netscreen, which was later acquired by Juniper Networks, in our product portfolio for security products for quite some time. In fact, our association with Juniper Networks started with Netscreen security products. We have large deployments and customer references of its firewalls, SSL VPN, and IDP products. We have also started focusing on Junos WebApp Secure (JWAS), formerly known as Mykonos Web Security (MWS), for Web application firewall products.

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