Capricot Technologies | Sharad Hulji| ChannelWorld Premier 100 2015 Winner| Top 100 Channel Partners of India

Capricot Technologies Sharad Hulji Director


Headquartered: New Delhi

Branches: 10

Employees: 350

Key Executives: Chakresh Jain, Chairman; S. Venkatesh, MD

Key Principals: HP, Autodesk, Microsoft, Ansys, Adobe, Dell, Oracle, Bentley

As the need for businesses to deploy more and more applications increases, pressure on networks also grows, however partners who are able to foresee the opportunities relating to strengthening networks are poised to grow.

Capricot Technologies have executed a large number of projects for LAN, WAN and SAN networks all over India. These include BPO, IT, ITES companies as well as corporate. Capricot is the result of merger of four companies, forming one of the largest technology solution providers in India.

The merger benefited in bringing scale and stability, attract and retain talent, provide end-to-end solutions to customers. Through 75 years of combined legacy, Capricot serve over 15,000 customers across vertical industries.

By adding new vendor products and services, the company is able to provide strong value proposition to our customers. Capricot have built processes to drive proper alignment of the teams to the company vision and strategy. It is in the process of transforming from a pure product-centric organization to a solution-centric organization, focusing mainly on fulfilling the customer needs.

Capricot’s presence in niche space and transformation to a solution-centric organization can be termed as its key agile moves.