Abhi Technologies | Abhijit Chatterjee| ChannelWorld Premier 100 2015 Winner| Top 100 Channel Partners of India

Abhi Technologies Abhijit Chatterjee CEO


Headquartered: New Delhi

Branches: 2

Employees: 26

Key Executive: Gopa Chatterjee, Director

Key Principals: Intel, Microsoft, Avaya, Cisco, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Symantec, McAfee, Seagate, IBM

Adaptating to changing IT environments and customer demands is a key factor of success for channel partners and Abhi Technologies is definitely one such organization which has not only foreseen the change but also is riding it now and hence success is something which came by default for the company.

Abhi Technologies responded quickly to changing customer environment. They have set a mile stone as a channel partner by converting what can be called as Indian’s largest public sector enterprise’s CAPEX model to OPEX model and thereby explored new technologies effectively and rapidly.

As the IT world is changing rapidly with new technologies and innovations, we are continuously exploring the new technologies for ourselves and for our customers.  In what can be termed as an ‘agile’ move the company has recently introduced cloud services to its customers and is very sure that that its investments will prove fruitful.

Abhi Technologies is no more just an IT Infrastructure solution provider but a company that successfully creates value for customers and helps them grow with the ever changing world of IT.