May 25th 2017
Headquartered: Jammu
Branches: 3
Key Executives: Inderpal Singh, Proprietor; Amanpreet Singh, Business Development Head
Number Of Employees: 38
Key Principals: Cisco, Sophos, Dell EMC, HP, Schneider, Microsoft, IFS, Symantec, D-Link, Molex
Key Verticals: Government, Education, BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare
Key Technologies: Security, Networking, Desktops & Notebooks, Datacenter, Storage, Servers

Aman Technologies believes future-ready solutions is no more an option but the only recommended concept. Their consultation with clients focuses on solutions which are upgradable as per the changing industry scenario without any need for replacing the existing hardware. Software-upgradable switches is one of the examples wherein the need to change switches is minimized and just software upgradation solves the purpose.

Due to increasing security concerns the company has made a jump towards security areas. For this, Aman Technologies has enhanced the technological knowledge bank, which proves to be a key factor in ensuring the customer gets optimal solutions. The company has also automated some of their systems and have used virtualization extensively within the organization. This has immensely helped them in terms of information availability, proper usage of resources and time, less wastage and decrease in DSO. Certification from OEMs has helped them in getting more business and client satisfaction. The company is also taking AMC’s for datacenters, networking, computer hardware, ERPs, etc. which is a part of strategy to increase the percentage of revenues from services.

Aman Technologies is focusing on technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning wherein they are trying to get it inculcated into the curriculum of universities and also imbibing them into the different offerings.


Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100


Premier100 Main Award: The Futurist 100