Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Bangalore
Branches: 1
Key Executives: Sachin S. Rao, MD & CEO; Durgaprasad Tantry, Head-IT Infra Services; Prakash R, Head-Client Computing Solutions
Number Of Employees: 52
Key Principals: HPI, HPE, Microsoft, Cisco, Aruba-HPE
Key Verticals: IT/ITeS, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Govt, BFSI
Key Technologies: Servers, Networking, Managed services, HCI, Storage, Security

Archon Consulting Systems as system integrators looked into how they could deliver the new technologies to their customers. Organizations now require a greater degree of flexibility to seize business opportunities. The agility to quickly sidestep market volatility, cybersecurity threats, or competitive curveballs, is now a must-have.

Organizations require real-time insights from integrated data-driven decision making and Archon Consulting Systems' endeavor in the past year and this year was to work closely with the CIO teams within their customer organizations. As system integrators the company was often faced with customer expectation for optimizing IT infrastructure within the datacenter for digital disruption.

The company worked closely with customers to include more of customers’ business services into the virtualization team to increase their virtualization footprint as it is the logical approach to cloud.

Traditional infrastructures have been innovated through segmentation in servers – SME, storage—system-defined and software-defined, and datacenter switches are expected to deliver low latency cloud services at cloud scale with cloud economics.

The IT consumption models within the customers datacenter is changing and the CIO was often at the forefront of these discussions with the company to find innovative solutions and strategies to optimize their IT infrastructure and costs. Hyper Converged Platforms help in application consolidation and there are increasing discussions and possibility evaluations of catalyzing cloud adoption. Looking at all this the company engaged with their customers to evaluate different IT consumption models for their IT environment  and suggested hybrid IT services that combine the freedom of the public cloud and the security of on-premise IT and help consume infrastructure as a service on premise.



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