Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Delhi
Key Executives: Gurpreet Singh Bhatia, MD; Amandeep Singh, GM; Nikhil Gupta, BDM
Number Of Employees: 45
Key Principals: Dell EMC, HPE, HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Commvault
Key Verticals: IT/ITeS, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare
Key Technologies: Desktops & notebooks, Managed services, Datacenter, Storage, Servers, Networking, Security

This year, Arrow PC Network adopted an employee-first strategy. There was more focus on training, coaching and mentoring employees. They partnered with the technology leaders in digital transformation tech i.e. hybrid cloud, hyper converged infrastructure, software defined datacenter and networking, and cybersecurity.

Data and system integration has always been a challenge for enterprises. However, the growing amount of systems and applications one must connect with has been increasing rapidly and so does the volume of data flowing through different stakeholders. 

An integration strategy needs to focus on overcoming the complexity of the system and application integration challenge to ensure seamless and real-time flow of information across all relevant stakeholders. Data integration today is a bit like the internet – you don’t necessarily realize it’s there, but when it’s gone everyone loses their mind. The company believes that utilizing an integration platform as service can have a significant impact on client strategy. Most importantly, understanding emerging data integration trends, legacy system modernization, and hybrid integrations is a must. 


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