Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: BANGALORE
Branches: 4
Key Executives: Harish Kumar Shetty, Vidya H Shetty, Edward Jeevan, Daniel P
Number Of Employees: 88
Key Principals: Lenovo, IBM, Nutanix, Dell, Xerox
Key Verticals: Education, BFSI, Government
Key Technologies: Servers, Hybrid cloud, Datacenter


Binary Systems was started in 1986 with the primary objective of offering products and services in the field of information technology. Riding on the disruptive technology wave with digital business, Binary Systems gradually adopted the change. Last year the company had a great success with its continued focus on virtual desktop infrastructure with open source platform along with SAP HANA on the cloud, which added to its recurring revenue and bottom line. The company was able to mark its presence in segments like education, healthcare, manufacturing, BFSI, and defense. Two of the landmark wins against all leading virtualization and VDI brands were—first, being the leading provider of turnkey VDI infrastructure with datacenter solutions for the education sector, and second, is the successful implementation of the virtual platform along with VDI for a public sector bank. In short, Binary had a very successful year with its infrastructure business.


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