May 25th 2017
Headquartered: Coimbatore
Branches: 5
Key Executives: Karthikeyan, MD; G S Sundaram, Chairman; G. Venkatakrishnan, General Manager
Number Of Employees: 60
Key Principals: Dell, Epson, Intel, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dax, Fobes, Panasonic & Polycom
Key Verticals: Retail, IT/ITeS, Manufacturing, Govt, E-commerce
Key Technologies: Desktops & notebooks, Printers, Storage, Servers, Networking, Security

Bloom Electronics understands the current market requirement and the opportunity extended to them by Government and public sector through various flagship projects like Smart City, Digital India, Startup India, and smart infrastructure projects.

The company standardized itself with smart component vendors and government agencies, and created solutions using system integration capabilities in areas of agriculture, education, healthcare and infrastructure.

With their solutions, Bloom Electronics will be able to align with larger companies to implement projects in the areas of defense, government and enterprise. One of the projects they have done is TRP for the Assam Police. For its recruiting requirements, the company did an end-to-end solutions in integrated environment right from the application process to the final selection list including RFID based automated physical efficiency test, and OMR based secured examination system with biometric verification of candidates.


Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100


Premier100 Main Award: The Futurist 100