Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Delhi
Branches: 4
Key Executives: Dipesh Mangla, MD
Number Of Employees: 54
Key Principals: DELL EMC, HPE, VMware, Cisco, Sophos, IBM, Juniper, RedHat, Veritas, Symantec
Key Verticals: Manufacturing, Telecom, IT/ITeS, Education, E-commerce, Media
Key Technologies: Servers, HCI, Storage, Networking, Managed Services, Datacenter


Computers Network and Telecom India is an information technology company incorporated in the year 1997 with a mission to provide technology solutions as well as support to the customers across the country, spanning a range of verticals. CNT India believes delivering innovation will be key to standing out in a crowded marketplace. Proactive consultancies will reshape service offerings in a way that provides true business solutions versus platform solutions.

The company shifted their business to provide end-to-end solutions to clients. From strategy to solutions to support services, they have designed the full lifecycle, which enables it to stay connected to customers and deliver better results.

By moving upstream to strategic and business consulting, the organization was able to ensure mapping of technology solutions to client’s business goals, as well as deliver thoughtful platform solutions. When business goals and strategy are established upfront, client leadership is better equipped to communicate solutions, end goals and justify costs, ensuring a smoother delivery process. 


Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100

Premier100 Special Award: HCI


Premier100 Main Award: The Futurist 100


Premier100 Main Award: The Ingenious 100

Premier100 Special Award: Cloud


Premier100 Main Award: The Bold 100

Hall of Fame Award


Premier100 Main Award: The Best 100

Premier100 Special Award: Datacenter


Premier100 Main Award: The Dynamic 100


Premier100 Main Award: The Innovative 100