May 16th 2018
Headquartered: Kolkata
Branches: 1
Key Executives: Asis Chaudhuri, Director; Naresh Nagori, Director
Number Of Employees: 8
Key Principals: Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Touch magix, HP, Consul, APC and Augmented Reality
Key Verticals: Manufacturing, Govt, Education/Nonprofit, Healthcare, Media
Key Technologies: Security, Power & Cooling, Private Cloud, Mobility, Desktops & Notebooks

Kolkata-based DIS Techno & Information Systems is an IT/ITeS company founded in November, 2011. It differentiated itself from the norm of hardware, software and networking business and has focused on niche areas that will drive revenue growth in the coming years. 

The company deals with consultancy services on power solutions, mobility, digital signage, interactive gaming, augmented reality and cloud services. IT business in India is highly competitive and the company’s focus on niche solutions enables it to increase its customer base each year at a significantly higher rate.

The company engaged in a food industry project in Kolkata where the client had 250 outlets. And has installed commercial display to showcase product ranges systematically. With the help and expertise of DIS Techno & Information Systems, the client managed to push their content centrally from the main server location to different outlets throughout the state. In another project, the company developed an interactive gaming solution for a museum, and implemented five interactive touch games, which are different in nature and running successfully in the organization today.


Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100