Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Delhi
Branches: 3
Key Executives: Sumeet Prakash, CEO & Founder; Bipin Bansal, Co-Founder
Number Of Employees: 17
Key Principals: Cisco, HP, Riverbed, Blue Coat, Checkpoint, Fortinet, CommScope
Key Verticals: IT/ITeS, Manufacturing, BFSI, Govt, Mining/Oil/Gas
Key Technologies: Networking, Security, Servers, Datacenter, Unified Communications, Managed Services

Most companies have embraced digital transformation and have already embarked on this journey. With cloud and IoT, several companies in manufacturing, BFSI and media space have gone ahead with their digital readiness. This is also in line with most IT OEMs who are focusing on digital instead of pure-play appliances. Emarson Computers works closely with Cisco, and addresses most of its existing and new customers with Cisco's digital agenda. 

Most legacy infrastructure CXOs find it very challenging to migrate as the technology gap is large and also involves significant spending. Emarson Computers enables customers to chart this journey that helps them keep their technology goals as well as space out their spending. The company leverages technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and data mining as effective digital tools. 

The organization implemented an IT security project for one of the largest public sector units in India. This has helped them provide secure connectivity across more than 70 locations in India. In another project, Emarson Computers helped a large ITeS organization set up their entire IT infrastructure for a new facility in record time. 


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