May 25th 2017
Headquartered: Mumbai
Branches: 1
Key Executives: Shahjahan Moosa, Director
Number Of Employees: 24
Key Principals: Cisco , CheckPoint , Algosec, Sophos, Cybonet,  BMC, AWS , Microsoft
Key Verticals:  BFSI , IT, Manufacturing, Pharma,  Government 
Key Technologies: Cloud, Security, Virtualization , Storage


Encrust believes in ‘always evolving’ and is focusing on future technologies like cloud, virtualization and SD-WAN solutions. BFSI, IT and telecom sectors have been early adopters of SD-WAN technologies to serve their customers better. 

From being a security-focused organization, Encrust is investing in the area of cloud-based services through trained resources and developing in-house expertise to assist customers in their adoption of cloud.

Encrust implemented a security solution at one of the leading financial services organizations last year. The company wanted a solution that could guarantee the same level of security for virtualized environment as for the physical servers, and a solution that could leverage virtualization to lower resource requirements and costs with the automation of multiple tasks and better manageability of the environment. The solution fulfilled a key customer requirement: Provision of at least the same level of protection as that available for the physical infrastructure, and reduced the risk of anomalies as well as data theft and manipulation.

Encrust helped a leading bank to identify overly permissive firewall rules based on actual use as well as duplicate, unused and expired rules and objects. This information gives the bank the data they need to close off potential access points and help prevent attacks. Encrust also provided clear, detailed recommendations on how to best reorder rules for optimal firewall performance. One of the most valuable benefits of the solution’s deployment was the increased visibility into security policies across the full range of devices. 


Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100


Premier100 Main Award: The Futurist 100