Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Kolkata
Branches: 5
Key Executives: Jaideep Chakrabarti, CEO; Kunal Dutta, General Manager
Number Of Employees: 385
Key Principals: Cisco, Commscope, Moxa
Key Verticals: Automotive/Transportation, Construction, Education/Nonprofit, Government, IT/ITeS
Key Technologies: Security, Networking, Datacenter, Managed Services, Facility Management

Kolkata-based Future Netwings Solutions believes in innovation, attention to detail and integrity as bedrocks of business growth. Their service portfolio spans across end-to-end IT infrastructure setup, management and support for clients. The company developed Hipla, a high end Internet of Things (IoT) platform that makes businesses smarter by combining hardware, software and business intelligence.

Through its mobile application interface, corporate offices, retail stores, shopping malls, education campuses, airports, hotels, hospitals, and amusement parks can manage their business functionalities efficiently.

The solution provides visitor management, campus secure access, indoor navigation, user tracking, pantry management, energy management and much more in a secure manner. Other features of Hipla include parking management, meeting room management, child safety and security, auto attendance in offices and education sector, patient monitoring, geo-fencing, and location-based notifications.

The company also implemented a village-level video conferencing connectivity solution.


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