Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Mumbai
Branches: 9
Key Executives: Anoop Pai Dhungat, CMD; Sanjay Patodia, CEO; Vineet Gadia, Dir. Enterprise Mobility
Number Of Employees: 133
Key Principals: Dell EMC, Cisco, IBM, HPE, Lenovo, Apple, VMware, Juniper, Nutanix, Citrix, Microsoft
Key Verticals: Automotive, BFSI, Healthcare, IT/ITeS, Manufacturing
Key Technologies: Desktops & Notebooks, Networking, Servers, Storage, Datacenter, Virtualization

The rapid digitization of manual processes and its mass adaptation has ushered in the digital era in India. Digital has enabled companies to analyze instant feedback of customer behavior and social activity and thereby understand their customers' needs better. This gives such companies a tremendous competitive advantage in the marketplace, so much that companies who do not embrace digital now, are almost certain to be left behind. Galaxy sees this digital disruption as a gold mine of opportunities.

Thus, in FY 2017-18, the company restructured its sales organization into business units for dedicated attention to focus areas. The datacenter unit focuses on compute and storage solutions - both on premise and in cloud, the networking unit focuses on legacy and new age networking and collaborative solutions, and the enterprise mobility unit focuses on mobility solutions and platforms.

Galaxy also started a business unit dedicated to cybersecurity and the internet of things (IoT). In response to changing priorities and sales structure, the company forged new partnerships with OEMs, especially in information security and IoT domains.

Also, the organization’s marketing team has started to leverage digital assets to streamline inbound and outbound marketing activities such as SEO, social media marketing, events and so on. In FY 2017-18, Galaxy’s profits grew by more than 30 percent over the last financial year, putting it among the industry leaders in this parameter.


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