Jun 23rd 2016
Headquartered: Ludhiana
Branches: 3
Key Executives: Manav Sharma, CEO; Gurpreet Singh Jolly, MD; Sanjay Jhanji, Director
Number Of Employees: 31
Key Principals: Dell, Lenovo
Key Verticals: Manufacturing, Govt, Education/Nonprofit, BFSI, Media
Key Technologies: Servers, Security, Networking, Storage, Datacenter, Desktops & Notebooks

There are two roads to achieve business growth – one is to increase the portfolio offerings and the other is to expand geographically. I-Tek Logics is adopting the first one as its innovative strategy to take its business to new heights.

The company plans to add more vendors and work with new brands to explore opportunities in the power and storage solutions business.

I-Tek believes in the strategy of sustaining growth and gradually growing its enterprise business. The company is quite selective in the enterprise space and is deliberately working on a few products, with the aim to achieve excellence in it. The motto is to achieve solid growth rather than a one time exponential high.

The company is also providing more opportunities to younger people in the organization. For skill-building, I-Tek is hiring fresh graduates from engineering colleges and building new teams focused on the latest technologies.


Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100


Premier100 Main Award: The 100 Transformers