Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Mumbai
Branches: 1
Key Executives: Rajeev Krishnaswamy, Anand Karapurkar, Sagar Singh
Number Of Employees: 60
Key Principals: HPI, HP Enterprise, Samsung
Key Verticals: BFSI, Manufacturing, Automotive and Transportation, Health care and Medical Services
Key Technologies: PCs, Servers, Cloud computing, Managed Services, Storage, Managed print services

Infobahn Technical Solution’s goal is to provide customers with the right IT solution in time and on budget. The company has grown from strength to strength in the last 11 years.
The company has changed from a transaction based to a consumption based business model. As customers today are demanding pay-per-use or hardware-as-a-service, Infobahn started offering the same as an OPEX model to customers who demanded it. The company has also crossed 100 crore in revenues with a growth of over 40 percent over the previous fiscal year. Infobahn has added VDI and digital solutions as an upsell to their existing customers and has also added new customers for growth.
The company has transformed into a systems integrator and services company with new demands from customers and it has resulted in good top line growth for the company.


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