Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Ahmedabad
Branches: 30
Key Executives: Pinkesh Kotecha, CEO; Keyur Jathal; Purvi Kotecha
Number Of Employees: 749
Key Principals: HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Rittal, Tyco, Lenovo, Fortinet, Cyberoam
Key Verticals: Govt, Education/Nonprofit, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT/ITeS/BPO, Manufacturing
Key Technologies: Networking, Servers, Desktops & Notebooks, Security, Storage, Facility Management
Ishan Group has a three pronged growth plan, to achieve top line growth as well as increase in bottom line by generating significant revenue streams in emerging technology domains around converged appliances and SaaS.
The three themes are - Execute, Expand and Explore. While “Execute” would serve the top line, “Expand” and “Explore” would serve the bottom lines and net-new acquisitions. 

1. Expedite execution for top line: The company is well poised to encash in the empanelment of government rate contracts. It is registered by Lenovo for client computing devices under the GEM (earstwhile DGSnD) portal for government procurement. Certain internal restructuring would be undertaken to achieve the same.

2. Expand installed base marketing for increasing profitability: Ishan has a huge installed base of customers for almost a decade. While the group thrives on acquiring new customers, it also understands that increasing the wallet share in existing customers would result in better profitability. A lead generation engine would be expanded in order to achieve this. 

3. Geo-expansion: Relying on one market segment or a particular geography is not conducive for sustaining higher growth. The focus is to establish new revenue streams in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand by acquiring customers in government as well as corporate space. This would be done by converting the healthy prospect base into long term customer base.


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