Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Baroda
Branches: 6
Key Executives: Devang Jasani, CEO; Atul Dhokiya, AVP - Systems Engineering; Parag Trivedi, AVP - Projects
Number Of Employees: 36
Key Principals: Cisco, Palo Alto, Symantec, Dell-EMC, Juniper Networks, Commscope, Bosch Security
Key Verticals: BFSI, Manufacturing, Govt, Health care, Telecom
Key Technologies: Servers, Networking, Datacenter Solutions, Virtualization, Mobility
Meridian Infotech strategy involves engaging in talks with all lines of business of existing customers. In one of its projects, it converted multiple protocol to network protocol TCP/IP to connect with an artificial intelligence tool and generated related reports. With the success of this project, Meridian gave a boost to its end customers. 

Meridian’s strategy involves aligning with LoBs, understanding their pain points and lending a helping hand to work on their overall IoT and AI projects along with respective vendors. Also, it gained exposure to work with IoT and AI vendors for other new projects which would otherwise seem like a challenge. With the enhancement of its sales team, it now has a good funnel for new businesses. 

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