Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Bangalore
Branches: 4
Key Executives: Vasudevan Subramanian, MD; Anand Aravamudhan, Director; Ajit Mohanraj, Director
Number Of Employees: 68
Key Principals: Dell EMC, Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, Nutanix, VMware, IBM
Key Verticals: IT/ITeS, Healthcare, Finance, Media, Construction/Real Estate
Key Technologies: Storage, Public Cloud, HCI Solutions, Mobility, Desktops and Notebooks

Today’s digital world is progressing at a rapid pace. Businesses need to keep up with the pace to stay in the game and succeed. But traditional datacenters are a hindrance with many layers of infrastructure and inefficient processes for modern business. 

New Wave was quick to identify the sore point. It orchestrated the shift from on-premises datacenters to cloud-based ones. The move presented the company with opportunities to take hyper convergence infrastructure solutions to the customer. The huge costs and management challenges involved in the co-location of datacenters offers scope for innovative methods of cost-savings and secure management—both features being the strength of hyper converged infrastructure. 

New business challenges means greater demand for high-performance investments that can future-protect customers with high levels of agility. New Wave’s strategy is to carry HCI solutions to customers and create value in a space that promises to bring tremendous value to emerging business environments.


Premier100 Main Award: The Imaginative 100

Premier100 Special Award: HCI


Premier100 Main Award: The Futurist 100


Premier100 Main Award: The Best 100


Premier100 Main Award: The Dynamic 100


Premier100 Main Award: The Innovative 100

Premier100 Special Award: Datacenter


Premier100 Main Award: The Giant 100