Mar 30th 2016
Headquartered: Ahmedabad
Branches: 2
Key Executives: Jitesh Chauhan, Managing Director
Number Of Employees: 23
Key Principals: McAfee,Symantec,Trend, Sophos, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Icewarp, Qnap
Key Verticals: IT/ITeS, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education
Key Technologies: Security, Storage, Public Cloud

The dilemma of choosing an Opex over Capex or vice-versa has been prevalent in businesses for years now. Rubik Infotech recognized the opportunity in getting its customers to move to an Opex model. To offer customers a better choice in terms of investment in IT, Rubik Infotech gave them firewalls on an Opex model. 

 As Internet of Things makes its foray into the enterprise tech, offering security solutions around it proved profitable for Rubik Infotech. Also, IoT could be offered as a technology to its existing and new customers. Internally, it plans to implement AI and chat bots for some section of services to ensure faster and error-free response to the end customer. It frees the internal team from regular work and helps them stay focused on the new and innovative after-sales services and support.


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